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"All our dear ones who have departed and whose bodies lie in the cemetery, or elsewhere-it does not matter where they are in this globe; they do not go away from it; they are part of it; they are under the control of him who is the Resurrection and the Life and he who brought order out of chaos in the beginning, and organized this globe on which we live, which is one of the small things that God has done and made, he who has that power can call together the particles which are eternal in their primitive nature, and the body can be raised from the dead, and the spirit and body be joined together like the body and the spirit of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, who was put to death on Calvary's Mount, who on the third day arose from the dead and showed himself in the body to his disciples, and told them: 'Handle me and see, for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have.' (Luke 24:36-39.)" - Charles W. Penrose, "Christ is Risen," Improvement Era, May 1921

"While we live we have this mission to perform, and when we depart hence and go beyond the veil, we will be just the same people,-having merely dropped off the outer covering of the flesh-and our labors will be continued there. The Gospel will not only be preached to every creature on the earth, but to every son and daughter of Adam who has dwelt in the flesh and passed away into the other world without hearing the truth. For God's tender mercies are 'over all His works,' and we are all His children, and He loves us and desires our salvation. But He knows that that cannot be accomplished unless we walk in the ways of salvation, and an opportunity to receive His word will be given to every soul that has breathed the breath of life in the body, either here on earth or in the regions beyond. I rejoice in the knowledge of this great truth-only one out of many truths that have been brought forth through the ministration of the latter-day Prophet. I rejoice in the knowledge that the Gospel of peace will come to every creature." - Charles W. Penrose, "Conference Report," October 1904, Afternoon Session, p.97

“While the Saints upon the earth are ministering in the temples that have been reared, and performing the necessary ordinances that pertain to the flesh which cannot be attended to by people in the spirit land, the prophets of the living God, who sealed their testimony with their blood, and their faithful brethren who have followed after them, are now laboring among the people behind the veil that they may be prepared to receive the blessings that shall come to them through the labors of the Saints in the flesh. For in this dispensation of the fullness of times the Lord has promised he will gather together in one all things that are in Him, both in heaven and on the earth, and the work that we are performing now in the flesh in carrying the Gospel of the kingdom to the ends of the earth, and gathering in the upright in heart from all parts of the world, is but a portion of the work of the Latter-day Saints.” - Charles W. Penrose, “Conference Report,” April 1906, Afternoon Session, p. 87

“Now, the Lord has made known to us a few simple truths in regard to our being–who we are, where we came from, what we are here for, where we are going to, and what is to be our final destiny. These things in our minds are not mere articles of faith, they are not myths, they are not mere opinions or sentiments, but they are to us … ‘absolute truths;’ they have been revealed from the Almighty, and are his word to us and not the say-so of men. God has borne testimony of the truth of them in our own hearts; and to us they have become absolute truths. We are not left in doubt about them; they are to us facts as palpable as the fact of our existence.” – Charles W. Penrose, “Journal of Discourses,” 26 vols., 23:159

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