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"Brothers and sisters, this kingdom is like no other organization on earth. To borrow a business term, it has a vastly superior competitive edge; it alone will lead us to eternal life. It alone is founded on solid rock, the rock of revelation. It alone has the fully restored gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the personal level, it instills a purging discipline within us. It pushes us out of our circles of comfort into growth. It fosters development of great spiritual gifts and enlightenment which we will take with us in the next life. It provides the baptism of fire. It personally empowers us in ways that can only come from God." - Dale E. Miller, "The Kingdom's Perfecting Pathway," Ensign (CR), May 1998, p.29

"The blessings and promises of conversion are received by covenant through baptism and confirmation and all the ordinances of the temple and the priesthood. Then by continued repentance and obedience and faithful keeping of the covenants made, the fruits of conversion grow and develop in one's life. As conversion matures and is sustained through the workings of the Holy Ghost, peace and healing come to the soul." - Dale E. Miller, “Bringing Peace and Healing to Your Soul,” Ensign (CR), November 2004, p.12

“As we move towards perfection, it is easy to feel that we fall short. We can take confidence that the Lord knows us intimately; He knows the intent of our hearts. He will surely show us the way as we humble ourselves, are obedient, and work toward continual improvement. Even now, He prepares us in ways that we can’t yet see. The eyes of our understanding will be opened as we keep the commandments and seek to serve Him. We have the potential to eventually become perfected in Christ. This is a divine inheritance.” - Dale E. Miller, “The Kingdom’s Perfecting Pathway,” Ensign (CR), May 1998, p. 29

"Brothers and sisters, thrusting in our sickles to help build the Lord's kingdom should be the prime focus of our lives. It seems reasonable to suggest that we each agreed to that in our premortal life. The key decisions pertaining to education, career, marriage, the very use of our time, talent, and means should prayerfully hinge on how best we serve the Master, building His kingdom and becoming perfected in Him." - Dale E. Miller, "The Kingdom's Perfecting Pathway," Ensign (CR), May 1998, p. 29

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