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"To me one of the finest heritages that has come to us is that quality of faith and testimony exercised by our pioneer fathers and mothers. I firmly believe had it not been for this abiding testimony, they never would have reached their destination, built their homes and established this western civilization. Many of them, as we know, were driven out into the cold, bleak wintry storms and vast wilderness with a hope and a belief and a testimony that God would protect and lead them on. They read the right, thought the right, and lived the right. They knew and felt this great work. They consciously and unconsciously reflected the very highest in spiritual life, and knew the power in the statement, 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' - Elder Joseph Quinney, Jr., "Conference Report," April 1935, Afternoon Meeting, p.86

Gratitude, my brethren and sisters, is just a little more than thankfulness, and I often feel as I approach my Heavenly Father in prayer that I not only thank him for his goodness and the many manifestations of his blessings and for the benefits that have come to me from time to time, but there is also a deep feeling of gratitude that comes into my heart concerning my relationship to him. - Joseph Quinney, Jr., "Conference Report," October 1937, Second Day—Morning Meeting, p. 58

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