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"Some persons may ask, 'How is it possible that men who had seen angels and had such a testimony could fall away from the Church, as these men did?' Men may see angels and have revelations, and as long as they obey the whisperings of the Holy Spirit they will not apostatize; but when they begin to feel that they have strength enough in themselves, and fail to acknowledge God as their Helper, then they cannot stand." — Anthon H. Lund, "Collected Discourses, Volume 2," April 1890

"It is Good Friday today. This is celebrated by the Christian world in commemoration of the sufferings of our Savior. Eighteen hundred and seventy-nine years ago last night, He spent some time in the Garden of Gethsemane. You know how He suffered, in contemplating that which was before Him, the bitter cup that He was to drain. He asked His Father: 'If thou be willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless, not My will, but Thine be done.' Now, this is what we all should feel to say. Today, Good Friday, the day on which He suffered so much for us, let us not forget to let our thoughts go to Him in thankfulness." - Anthon H. Lund, "Conference Report," April 1912

"I am afraid there is a carelessness manifest among us in attending our meetings. In some stakes we find that there is a much greater percentage attending the sacrament meetings than in others. Don't let us neglect this duty and stay away from the house of the Lord on His Holy day, but go there and worship Him, partake of the sacrament, and renew our covenant with the Lord, then we shall receive strength to perform our duties. Some excuse their absence from sacrament meetings by saying that they are afraid they might partake of the sacred emblems unworthily. Well, if you have any such fear in your hearts, see to it that you put yourselves in a condition that you know you can partake worthily, and remember also that it is a commandment to us that we shall go to the Lord's house and partake of the sacrament. If we stay away or avoid partaking of the sacrament, we are cutting ourselves short of the blessings we could enjoy; in fact such a course will cause spiritual starvation. Go therefore to the house of worship, pray for the man that speaks, and he will be able to convey unto you that which you desire to know, and to build you up in your holy faith. The Lord will be with him. I urge you to attend your meetings, and to the performance of the many other duties that rest upon a Latter-day Saint. It is the only way to feel happy and satisfied." - Anthon H. Lund., "Conference Report," October 1915, First Day—Morning Session, p.12

"In speaking about the different covenants we make in the sacrament, a great covenant is also made wherein we promise that we will keep the commandments which Jesus has given us. We all believe in keeping the ten commandments, or ought to do so, at least, but did Jesus give us any others? Read the Sermon on the Mount, one of the best sermons ever delivered, full of good instruction unto his disciples and the whole world, and you may put together all that he taught into the words, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy might; and thy neighbor as thyself.' He made that generalization, one of the greatest ever made; all commandments can come under it, and he emphasized this once to the Prophet Joseph by saying, that 'except ye love one another yet are not mine.' Now we promise to keep his commandments and that includes this great commandment, sometimes pretty hard to keep, but we make the covenant, when we partake of the sacrament, that we will keep his commandments. We should study all the other commandments that are given, and be ready and yield obedience unto them." - Anthon H. Lund, "Conference Report," October 1916, First Day—Morning Session, p.15

"We ought to show in our every day lives a deep devotion to the principles of the Gospel, and to our Heavenly Father. It should not be merely in words and expressions, but it should pervade our whole being. When awake in the morning, our thoughts should be directed to the Author of our being, with thanks for the protection during the night, and with a prayer for His guidance and protection during the day; and, when we lie down at night, our last thoughts should be directed to Him, thanking Him for what we have been able to do during the day, and communing with Him in our meditations. Our devotion should be shown in calling together our family at the family altar, in the morning and at night, and there bring before the Lord our petitions and supplications." - Anthon H. Lund, "Conference Report," April 1912, First Day—Morning Session, p. 11

Many doubt the statements of the evangelists and say that the resurrection could not take place. Unbelievers have used arguments against belief in the resurrection of Christ. With us, however, there is no doubt concerning it. - Anthon H. Lund, Conference Report, April 1904, First Day, Morning Session, p.97

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