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"You will experience greater joy in life as you eradicate adult-onset pessimism and substitute childlike optimism. Optimism is a virtue that allows us to see God's loving hand in the details of our life. A favorite hymn counsels, 'Count your many blessings; see what God hath done.'" - Anthony D. Perkins, "The Great and Wonderful Love," Ensign, November 2006

To forgive yourself and others, you must trust the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The prophet Zenock prayed, “Thou art angry, O Lord, with this people, because they will not understand thy mercies which thou hast bestowed upon them because of thy Son.” Our Father in Heaven is saddened when we limit the power of His Son’s atoning sacrifice. As you exercise faith in Jesus Christ, you can have your guilt “swept away.” If guilt remains after sincere repentance, believe your priesthood leaders when they declare you to be worthy. - Anthony D. Perkins, “The Great and Wonderful Love,” Ensign (CR) November 2006

Why would God command us to beware? He knows that Satan is an actual being who seeks to drag down our souls into the gulf of misery. God also knows that lurking within priesthood holders is a “natural man” “prone to wander.” Thus, prophets invite us to “put off the old man” and “put on Christ” through faith, repentance, saving ordinances, and daily gospel living. - Anthony D. Perkins, “Beware Concerning Yourselves,” Ensign (CR) November 2012

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