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"I have noticed repeatedly, and I think it is generally true, that those who are conscientious tithe payers are the ones who are able to meet their obligations fairly, and to make steady progress. They are blessed sufficiently at least to fulfill their obligations and to get ahead. The Lord blesses them and they enjoy spiritual as well as temporal blessings. I pray that the Lord may help us as Latter-day Saints to so live that we may be worthy to receive his blessings, through the development of the spirit of sacrifice, and the observance of this and every other principle of the Gospel. With all the prosperity that we may enjoy, and the general improvement in our financial conditions, may we still continue to maintain faithfully that principle and may we go forward and cultivate in our hearts the feeling that we are stewards of all we possess, and that we hold it in trust for the Lord and his work. May we develop the spirit of dedicating that which we possess for the building up of his work!" - Anthony W. Ivins, "Conference Report," April 1928, First DayMorning Session, p.19

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands irrevocably committed to the observance of sexual purity. It recognizes no double standard of morality. It demands the same standard of virtue from its men that it does from its women members, and recognizes no circumstance or condition which justifies sexual association except in virtuous and legal wedlock. This the Church recognizes to be not only approved of the Lord but in direct compliance with his command.” - Anthony W. Ivins, “Conference Report,” April 1930, First Day–Morning Meeting, p. 18

It appears to me that we may look forward with absolute confidence and faith in the future, knowing, because of the experiences of the past, that the Lord is on our side, and that with his help the development of the Church will continue; that in this dispensation in which we live he will consummate his purposes; his covenant people will be gathered; Christ will come to reign personally upon the earth; all of the purposes of the Lord will be consummated, and his kingdom be established upon the earth as it is in heaven. -
Anthony W. Ivins, "Conference Report," April 1920, Second Day—Morning Session, p. 114

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