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"I am glad for the testimony I have of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the faith that it gives me, faith that the work which God initiated in this dispensation, through the instrumentality of the Prophet Joseph Smith, shall go on and on and on. I feel very insignificant as one of the cogs in the great machine which is to carry it forward, but I have gained through my observation and experience the faith that God will see it go forward, regardless of the fact that those of us who are here now will eventually lay down the burdens of life. I like to think of life as something that began before mortality and something that will go on after it; that death is but an incident in life, just as is birth, and I like to think that these companions of mine now are exercising an influence just as they did here. The sun rises in the morning, and we feel its warmth during the day. For us it sets in the evening, but when it sets for us, it warms another land. I feel that those fine men are doing that very thing, that through their personalities and the power that they gained through their experiences here, they are warming another land and helping another group of men and women. I am thankful for that faith, for it helps me over many difficult problems in life." - Antoine R. Ivins, "Conference Report," April 1945, Afternoon Meeting, p.96

“We are blessed as much, if not more, by the acceptance of certain things on faith than to accept them on reason. Whenever we can reason ourselves into a thing we get a certain satisfaction out of it, it is true, but whenever through faith we can accept the life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Master, we get a development that no amount of reason can ever bring to us.

“I believe that God purposely covered up these things that when the Book of Mormon should come to light in this generation it would have to be accepted on faith. Faith is the greatest motive power in all the universe. Faith is greater than knowledge, time and time again. The devil knows the truth; he has not a spark of faith, or he would live according to it. Faith would impel him to change his life.” - Antoine R. Ivins, “Conference Report,” April 1939, Afternoon Meeting, p. 129-130

“It is the duty of the older members, the fathers, uncles, grandfathers, cousins, and so forth, who have this testimony in their hearts, to establish it in the hearts of these growing young men, so that at such time as they may come to us and offer their services that they may have a living testimony that Christ is the Son of God, that the Church was authoritatively organized, that the priesthood is in the earth, all of which is essential to the exaltation of men.” - Antoine R. Ivins, “Conference Report,” October 1958, First Day—Morning Meeting, p. 10

"If we could teach the world the proper concept of God and Christ and our relationship to them, and do it in such a way that it would sink into their hearts and impel them to study the teachings of the Savior, then apply them in their lives, all these troubles that we worry about now would cease. But the trouble is, men are avaricious; they are selfish; they are ambitious for power. They have nearly all of the attributes which, if left unbridled, lead to these terrible consequences. It is only the Spirit of God and Christ coming into the heart of man that can change his nature so that he will serve properly his fellow men." -
Antoine R. Ivins, "Conference Report," October 1951, Afternoon Meeting, p. 32

I think that is the secret of our happiness very much, brothers and sisters, the attitude which we have in the service which we render. We are here for experience, for growth and development, and the growth and development of the spirit is perhaps the most important element of our lives. So, why can't we develop the habit of helping each other willingly and effectively and efficiently. If we could do that, we would be happy always, I believe. So I think that is one of our very crucial, fundamental principles. - Antoine R. Ivins, "Conference Report," April 1963, First Day-Morning Meeting, p.13

If you will permit a personal reference, I believe that I feel worse over the thoughtless things I do and say to other people than I do over the things they say and do to me, and I would like to enjoy the Spirit of God to such an extent that I never would say or do a thing that would be detrimental to another. Then, perhaps, I might enjoy that wonderful peace of Christ. He said in effect, "I leave it with you," and that implies that it is possible of attainment, but we must admit that the struggle of attainment is great, that none of us is perfect, that failure seems to be the lot of most of us in most things that we attempt to do to approach perfection. But we must strive for it, nevertheless. It was held out as a goal to us, and the nearer we approach perfection in that respect the greater will be our joy and our happiness. - Antoine R. Ivins, “Conference Report,” April 1948, Afternoon Meeting, p.42

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