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"I will give you one of the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom. It is an eternal principle that has existed with God from all Eternity that that man who rises up to condemn others, finding fault with the Church, saying that they are out of the way while he himself is righteous, then know assuredly that that man is in the high road to apostasy and if he does not repent will apostatize as God lives." — Joseph Smith, "The Words of Joseph Smith," p. 413

"Apostasy usually begins with question and doubt and criticism. It is a retrograding and devolutionary process. The seeds of doubt are planted by unscrupulous or misguided people, and seldom directed against the doctrine at first, but more often against the leaders." — "The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball", p. 462

"To desert, defect, give up, resign, surrender, renounce, abdicate, yield, apostatize, withdraw, back out, abandon--each of these words has almost the same meaning. We could find one for every situation in our lives where we might vacillate when facing what is called duty--duty to country, duty to church, duty to family, duty to oneself, duty to God." — Charles A. Didier, "To Follow or Not, That Is the Question," General Conference, October 1981

"We have been assured that in this last dispensation of the fulness of times there will be no universal apostasy. When the Lo rd appears again in his glory, he will find a people who will have remained faithful and who will be ready to receive him and join with him in the completion of his work. But the fact that there will not be a complete apostasy in this last dispensation does not mean all who have received the gospel and become members of the Church will remain faithful. Prophetic references to our own day, in fact, seem to indicate that there will be many who have known the truth and have tasted of the Lord's goodness who will then allow themselves to be tempted away from the course the Lord has marked out for them." — Dean L. Larson, "Likening The Scriptures Unto Us," BYU Speeches of the Year, 3 Feb 1991

"Some persons may ask, 'How is it possible that men who had seen angels and had such a testimony could fall away from the Church, as these men did?' Men may see angels and have revelations, and as long as they obey the whisperings of the Holy Spirit they will not apostatize; but when they begin to feel that they have strength enough in themselves, and fail to acknowledge God as their Helper, then they cannot stand." — Anthon H. Lund, "Collected Discourses, Volume 2," April 1890

"It was only after the death of Christ's apostles that revelation ceased. The pure doctrines Christ taught became diluted with the philosophy of the world, and profane innovations appeared in the ordinances of the church. Eventually, that which had once been clear and understandable became mythical and confusing. Confusion is the field where Satan operates to deceive and lead mankind astray. Jesus and His apostles predicted a 'falling away' (see 2 Thes. 2:1-4), which did occur, and Christianity entered a long night of darkness." - Delbert L. Stapley, "What Constitutes the True Church," Ensign, May 1977, p. 22

"The process of apostasy consists in changing 'the truth of God into a lie.' (Rom. 1:25.) Alma taught that all who do not hearken to the voice of 'the good shepherd' are part of the devil's fold, and then he added, 'whosoever denieth this is a liar.' (Alma 5:38-40.) Sherem confessed, after being smitten, 'I have lied unto God; for I denied the Christ.' (Jac. 7:19; Alma 12:3.) False teachers are liars. (Rev. 2:2.) Conversely, Moroni concluded some of his expositions of the truth by saying, 'I lie not.' (Moro. 10:26-27.) In other words, to teach true doctrine is to tell the truth, and to teach false doctrine is to lie. (Mormon Doctrine, 2nd ed., pp. 440-441.) See Commentary II, pp. 57-59." - Bruce R. McConkie, "Doctrinal New Testament Commentary," 3 vols. [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1965-1973], 3:383

"Paul's warnings describe apostasy and other dangers of our day. Some of these perils are contrary to God's purposes and are championed by persuasive people possessing more ability than morality, more knowledge than wisdom. Their rationalization breeds justification. The Bible affirms that the 'way of a fool is right in his own eyes.' (Prov. 12:15.) Indeed, individuals with malignity of purpose often wear the mask of honesty. So we must constantly be on guard." - Russell M. Nelson, "Where Is Wisdom?" Ensign, Nov. 1992, p. 8

"It is evident from the scriptures that through the foreknowledge of God the ancient apostles were shown in advance that Christianity would be splintered, that its unity for which Christ had prayed would be destroyed, and that thus would come a general falling away from the original truth.... But the Lord was not content to abandon a shattered Christianity. He was still determined to save mankind if they would obey him. Therefore, knowing in advance that a falling away would take place, he provided for a restoration of the original truth in the latter days. This was voiced through the apostle Peter as one day he discoursed upon the second coming of the Lord. He explained that the Lord’s second coming would be preceded in the latter days by a restoration of the gospel which would be so extensive as to return all that God had spoken by the mouth of his holy prophets from the beginning of the world. (See Acts 3.)" - Mark E. Petersen, “The Message of Elijah,” Ensign, May 1976, p. 14

Not until the gospel was restored in the 19th century, with its ancient powers and privileges, was the holy priesthood manifest again among men. And be it remembered that the authority to speak and act in the name of God is essential to a temple, and a temple is void without the sacred authority of the holy priesthood. Through Joseph Smith, the gospel of old was restored to earth, and the ancient law was reestablished. In course of time, through the ministry of the Prophet, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized and established by manifestations of divine power. - James E. Talmage, "A History of Temples," Ensign, October 2010

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