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"There is no reward for half-hearted obedience. We must become vigorous and enthusiastic about living our religion, for God commands that we serve him with all our heart, with all our might, with all our strength, and with the very best of our intelligence. With him there can be no halfway measures. We must be fully for him or we may be classed with those who are against him. Then what shall we do? Put on the whole armour of God--that is what we are to do."
Mark E. Petersen, "Where Do We Stand?" Ensign, May 1980, p. 70

"I realize that in the face of violence, immorality, uncleanliness, war, and other evils of modern life, there may be a tendency to become discouraged. I say to you, my young brothers and sisters, don't give up! The gospel of Jesus Christ has answers to all these problems, and you have the responsibility and charge to stand firm; so enjoy your youth, but 'put on the whole armour of God' and resist those things of the world that will destroy your testimony and your chance to accomplish a great work here. " — Harold B. Lee, "Message from the First Presidency," Ensign, Jan. 1971, p. 2

"It is the individual testing time that I see approaching, so that it is well to know the forces and the powers that are arrayed against us, and their purposes, that we may close our ranks and fortify ourselves. Being forewarned we should be forearmed, and I declare to you that every gospel principle which the Church has received is calculated in its very nature to steel and armour us against the assaults of the enemy of our souls." — Melvin J. Ballard, "Struggle for the Soul," New Era, Mar. 1984, p. 38

"Are you able to withstand the heat of criticism, the pressures of temptation, the 'fiery darts of the wicked'? (D&C 27:17.) The Lord does not want us to have even a crack in our armour of virtue. He wants us to come through unscathed by having taken upon ourselves truth, righteousness and faith, and then go forth and preach the gospel of peace through the Spirit within us. This we shall do, providing we build our foundation on the 'rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God... a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.' (Hel. 5:12.)" — Derek A. Cuthbert, "The Business of Being," Tambuli, Mar. 1982, p. 26

"But now may I call your attention to one significant fact concerning the armor with which you now have been clothed. You have no armor whatsoever to protect you from the rear. Does this suggest yet another quality essential to this eternal conflict with 'spiritual wickedness in high places'? Evidently no one can win this battle running from the enemy. The contest must be face to face. There must be no retreat. So came the clear-ringing counsel of the First Presidency to our boys during the last World War: 'Boys, keep yourselves clean! Better die clean than to come home unclean.' Courage and determination and continual aggressiveness to the right are the essential qualities for the battle of life, else all the armor in the world suggested for our protection would be of no avail. Thus equipped within and without, we are now ready." — Harold B. Lee, "Stand Ye In Holy Places," pp. 332-333

"When armies are formed, battles are generally fought on vast battlefields. But this battle for souls is quite different. The conflict goes on each day in individual lives and pits the Lord's troops against Satan's forces of greed, selfishness, and lust.

"The muscular young men of Helaman's 2,060 stripling warriors, shoulder to shoulder, imply the need for great physical strength to join their ranks. But there is room for every stout-hearted soul in this endeavor." - Robert C. Oaks, "Who's on the Lord's Side? Who?" General Conference, April 2005

"Strong testimonies become the driving force for each of us to do "much better." They become the impenetrable bulwark of armor that protects us from the unrelenting things of the world." - Elder Donald L. Staheli, "Securing Our Testimonies," Ensign (CR), November 2004, p.37

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