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"If you love the work, if you Love the Lord Jesus Christ, then feed those, to whom you are called to minister." — "Conference Report," October 1901, p. 35

"As to whether Mormonism will be merely a tolerated sect, or a world movement, the veritable kingdom of God to spread over all nations, it but remains for those who are the members of this Church which God has founded, who constitute its priesthood and its membership; it only remains for them to keep the vision splendid before them with which this work began; and I predict a world movement, not a sect will be its character." — "Conference Report," April 1930, p. 46

"Brethren and sisters, it is our mission to stem the tide of unbelief that is in the world, to answer the Christ's question on one occasion--when he the Son of man comes, shall He find faith in the earth? In the name of God, yes! For he has provided the means of maintaining faith in Him as Creator, as Sustaining Power of the universe; as Vital Force, as Intelligence-inspiring Power, as Love-manifested Power, and he has organized his Church in the earth, no more to be destroyed, to maintain this faith in the earth. And when the Christ shall come in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory, attended by the host of Saints from heaven, the host of Saints here on earth, possessed of true faith that Jesus is the Christ, Sovereign, Lord and King, Creator of heaven and earth, and all things that in them are; the Savior of men, the Redeemer of the world, the very Son of God, 'the Eternal God,' to use the Book of Mormon phrase, 'manifesting himself unto all nations'--these, the Saints possessed of this faith in the earth, shall welcome the Christ and the hosts of Saints from heaven, with shouts of great joy and faith." — "Conference Report," April 1924, p. 80

"As the brethren who have preceded me this day, so I will exalt the Lord in your presence. When I think of man, of his weaknesses and limitations, I truly feel the need of turning to our Father and bringing Him forth, together with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, as the center of our faith and the circumference of our hope." — "Conference Report," April 1904, p. 15

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. There is no flaw in it. There is no imperfection in it. The revelations of God stand invulnerable." — "Conference Report," April 1908, p. 105

"One of the secrets that God has revealed unto his Prophet in these days is the Book of Mormon; and it was a secret to the whole world until it was revealed unto Joseph Smith, whom God has raised up as a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator unto His people. It... points out the establishing of this our own nation, with the conditions for its progress, and those predictions contained in the Book of Mormon-the stick of Joseph in the hand of Ephraim, will as truly be fulfilled as those contained in the Bible-the stick and record of Judah; and both these sticks or records contain prophecies of great import concerning the Gentile nations, and especially this land and nation, which are not yet fulfilled, but must shortly come to pass: yea, their fulfillment is nigh, even at the doors." - B. H. Roberts, "History of the Church, Volume 6," p. 24

"Did the Prophet Elijah hold peculiar keys of power in his day?  Yes; keys by which the hearts of the children are turned to the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers turned to the children.  And the Lord promised before the great and terrible day of His judgment should come He would send the Prophet Elijah, and the object of his mission should be the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children and of the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth should be smitten with a curse at the glorious coming of the Lord (Malachi iv:5-6).  And those keys were bestowed upon Joseph Smith, and are now held by the great head of the Church, Wilford Woodruff, his legal successor.  Behold the power restored which shall make the Gospel of the Son of God effective to all the generations of men as well to those who have lived when it was not on the earth, as to those living when divine authority was on the earth, and the mercy of God by this means shall be extended unto all men--that is, the opportunities of receiving the Gospel shall be extended unto all men, whether they have lived in former ages or now." - B. H. Roberts, "Collected Discourses, Volume 5," 23 January 1898

"I desire to second the resolution offered by President Winder to this conference; and in doing so I desire to call attention to the fact that we are connected with an institution founded of God for the benefit of the whole world, and that it is an institution of world-wide sympathies; that it is an institution whose doctrines recognize the great truth that the children of men are also the children of God, and that all men are brethren. No calamity can fall upon any of our Father's children but what our hearts go out in sympathy to them. I trust also that this movement, which I believe will be unanimously endorsed by this conference, may bear witness to the wisdom that exists in our methods of collecting means for charitable and religious purposes. Thank God, there is an institution in the earth whose charities are constantly accumulating, that in the very moment of need there is a means of ministering unto the children of men-a circumstance that speaks loudly for the divine wisdom that has made these provisions in the Church of Christ." - Brigham H. Roberts, "Conference Report," April 1907, p.59

"We are in a period in the world's history of very great disturbance, when action is intense, when change is continuous. I glory in that, because I believe that action means purification. The Prophet Joseph, in one of his revelations to the Church, asks this question, or at least the Lord asks it through him: 'How long can rolling waters remain impure?' It is the stagnant waters that breed
miasmas, and that become dangerous to the health of communities. The glorious stream that dashes down the mountain gorge and flows over precipices in waterfalls, and then goes rushing down the rapids. broken into spray, kissed by the sunlight and purified by its exposure to the air, in its great race for the ocean-such waters quickly purify themselves; and so do peoples, so does a world in commotion, in intense action. It means for the world cleansing, purification; it means a march of progress. And we want to keep this in mind, that back of all the turmoil and commotion that comes with this war period in which we live. God stands, and his law obtains. We want to possess our souls in absolute confidence that we live under law, and that law operates in the midst of destructive forces as well as in the operation of constructive forces. In my own reflections, I have come to avery happy state of mind. In the midst of all this strife, I have learned to remember that God lives in his universe, that he is everywhere present with widely diffused influence and power, upholding all things, and that destructive forces will not go beyond what his wisdom shall decree to be their bounds." - Brigham H. Roberts., "Conference Report," October 1917, Outdoor Meeting, p.101

We make a mistake if we think we are fulfilling the law of God which commands that His servants shall be honored by honoring the more prominent officials in the church while we sneer at and laugh at and deride the efforts of the more humble servants of God who come among us to instruct us in the things of the Kingdom. Let this conference, then, O, Latter-day Saints, be remembered for teaching, first of all, reverence henceforth in Israel for the name of Deity; and as collateral parts of that same doctrine—honor for parents; and profound respect for the priesthood of God. - B. H. Roberts, "Conference Report," October 1901, Overflow Meeting, p.60 

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