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"Great events are not a guarantee that our testimony will be strong. Laman and Lemuel are good examples of this. They were visited by angels and even then, almost in the very next minute, they were questioning the will of the Lord. Some great leaders of these latter days can also teach us about this principle. They were taught from on high during the early days of the Restoration and still were not strong enough to endure to the end. These experiences show us that to receive the witness of the 'still small voice' sometimes can have a stronger impact on our testimonies than the visit of an angel." - Carlos A. Godoy, "Testimony as a Process," General Conference, October 2008

We do not need to see an angel to obtain understanding. We have the scriptures, the temple, living prophets, our patriarchal blessings, inspired leaders, and, above all, the right to receive personal revelation to guide our decisions. - Carlos A. Godoy, “The Lord Has a Plan for Us!” Ensign (CR) November 2014

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