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"What is a man without vision? What is a man without an object in life? He is like 'a painted ship upon a painted ocean.' A life, to be successful, must have directness of purpose, and one reason for the strength of this work and of this people is that God has blessed us with a mission, with a work. O, blessed be the man with a work and the people with a mission. When the Angel Moroni appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith he did not say, 'you may wear soft clothing, God is going to give you ease,' but he said: 'God has a work for you to do,' and in that work the Prophet Joseph Smith achieved greatness and the favor of God, and that is how we are becoming a great people, not by what we receive, but by what we give. For it is more blessed to give than to receive. Now the prophet of old said: Where there is no vision the people perish." - Charles A. Callis, "Conference Report," October 1919, Out-Doors Overflow Meeting, p.192

"I beg of you mothers and you fathers to teach your daughters that they, too, have to fight a strenuous battle. God bless and protect. the womanhood of this nation! The young women, under the sustaining prayers and the counsels of their mothers, need the restraining, discipline which characterizes a well-ordered home. Protect the young men and young women, and build them up in the faith of the true and the living God, so that when they go forth in the great battle of life, they will have the assurance that they will not fall victims to the evils of the world. God help us to be loyal to him, to give unto him all the praise and the glory. And if we go forth to battle, let us remember that the great God of the whole earth, Jesus Christ, is the King...." - Charles A. Callis., "Conference Report," April 1917, Second Meeting Outdoors, p.136

"When we see the judgments of God coming upon the earth it is proof that the Savior, who said to the troubled sea and angry elements, 'Peace, be still,' will say to the troubled world, 'Peace, be still.' He will, at his second coming, inaugurate the Millennium, bring to pass the glorious resurrection, and all the things he has promised to those that obey him." - Charles A. Callis, "Conference Report," October 1928, Afternoon Meeting, p.127

"It should be the ideal of Latter-day Saints to be at the close of each day one step nearer heaven. They should have in mind the building of more stately mansions, mansions of character, of patriotism, of thrift, of morality. We do not live for ourselves. Every man can wield a tremendous influence for good, more than he thinks." - Charles A. Callis, Conference Report, April 1936, Afternoon Meeting, p.29

"We are walking in the path of humility, and God is making us a power for good in the world. After all, brethren and sisters, there is more strength in the humility that comes from trusting in the Lord Jesus than in the strength of worldly power. 'When I am weak,' said Paul, 'then am I strong.' So long as the Latter-day Saints put their trust in God; so long as they walk in the light, they will be clothed with a power that is invincible. They are guided and led by men who are blessed with inspiration and revelation from God: they have been led out of the darkness of the world into the sunshine of political and religious liberty. If we continue to pray to the Father and work hard to have our prayers fulfilled or answered, God will give us a goodly portion of His Holy Spirit. No man or woman need ever be afraid that the Almighty will suffer His chosen people to be led astray by any man or set of men. I care not for the theories men may frame as to our existence, or the beginning of our existence. I know that God has said, through His Holy Spirit, that we are His sons and daughters, and that is comforting to my soul. We stand upon a sure foundation, for our faith rests not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God." - Charles A. Callis, "Conference Report," April 1911, Overflow Meeting, p.80

"The days are dark; we suffer temptation, we suffer hardships of various kinds, but there is one thing that depression and war cannot take from us. I refer to the gift of eternal life. We should put more trust in the spiritual values of existence. The things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal. Wars may rage, famine may come, earthquakes and the like, and depressions, but these things cannot take away the eternal riches of Jesus Christ. Some of these riches are the glorious atonement, salvation for the dead, the second coming of the Son of God, the glorious resurrection and the eternity of the marriage covenant by which we are united in marriage on earth and in heaven by the power of the holy Priesthood. Thieves and misfortune cannot take these things from us, for they are immortal, God-given, and shall survive death and destruction." - Charles A. Callis, "Conference Report," October 1940, Afternoon Meeting, p.119

"Why will not the people of the world engage in national and international repentance and humiliation? God is not responsible for our calamities. He has pointed out the means of escape. If we will turn our faces towards him and repent this depression will vanish like magic. Let the spirit of the Prince of Peace be firmly fixed in the councils of the nations and observed; then all talk about war will cease, and nations shall no longer learn war for their 'swords shall be beaten into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.'" - Charles A. Callis, "Conference Report," April 1935, First Day—Morning Meeting, p. 17

Ere long the skies will rend and Jesus Christ shall descend in glory with all his holy angels. Then will begin the long foretold Millennium, for which women have wept and for which men have prayed. Christ shall reign upon the earth in glory and in power from the rivers to the end of the earth. In that glorious Millennium we shall have good government, freedom from corruption; we shall rejoice in the divine reign of Him who is Prince of Peace and King of Kings. - Charles A. Callis, “Conference Report,” October 1940, Afternoon Meeting, p.119

As we are co-laborers with the Almighty, how can we indulge in the vain hope that we shall be idle during the millennium. No, we shall be co-laborers with Jesus Christ throughout all eternity. I am so grateful that the hopes and the fond desires of the saints concerning immortality and eternal life are voiced in the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Apostle Paul tells us that when the Savior comes to reign in power and in great glory, from the very headwaters of immortality there is going to flow a stream of immortality… - Charles A. Callis, “Conference Report,” April 1943, Second Day-Morning Meeting, p.61

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