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"The Lord wants more from us than these moving expressions of conviction and covenant. He wants more than expressions of gratitude and testimony and commitment. He wants us to fear him,to love him, to keep all his commandments always. He wants our hearts." — Marion D. Hanks, "Conference Report," October 1960, p. 10-11

"There is no such thing as a casual Christian. Conscience can help us, as can feasting upon the word of Christ. So can being around those who are serious—not strolling—disciples, for their commitment is contagious. Affirmative associations are vital in this regard. The best way to become anxiously engaged is to become engaged fully in the work; then the need for it becomes not only obvious, but is self-reinforced. Every program as well as every principle of the Church carries within itself its own witness that it is true." — Neal A. Maxwell, "Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward," [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1977], p. 73

"Whenever we partake of the sacrament of the Lord's supper, we do the same thing, don't we? We make a commitment to the Almighty that not only are we going to be Latter-day Saints, but that we will always remember the Lord Jesus Christ, and we will always keep the commandments that he has given us, and we seal that pledge, or covenant, or commitment, by partaking of the emblems of the crucifixion. In that way we commit ourselves to the Lord and actually say to the Almighty that 'by these sacred emblems we here and now commit ourselves unto thee. We covenant with thee; we pledge to thee that we will always remember the Lord Jesus Christ and always keep the commandments which he has given us.'" — Mark E. Petersen, October 31, 1962, "BYU Speeches of the Year," p. 4

"Unfortunately, there are those who choose to commit themselves by covenant to the adversary. Conspiring men have formed secret combinations all through the ages to promote wickedness and evil. Immediately preceding the advent of the Savior on this continent 2,000 years ago, we are told of such a group who 'did enter into a covenant one with another, yea, even into that covenant which was given by them of old, which covenant was given and administered by the devil, to combine against all righteousness. Therefore they did combine against the people of the Lord, and enter into a covenant to destroy them....' (3 Ne. 6:28-29.) Times have not changed." — Robert L. Simpson, "Conference Report," April 1967

"A successful life, the good life, the righteous Christian life requires something more than a contribution, though every contribution is valuable. Ultimately it requires commitment-whole souled, deeply held, eternally cherished commitment to the principles we know to be true in the commandments God has given. We need such loyalty to the Church, but that must immediately be interpreted as a loyalty in our personal habits and behavior, integrity in the wider community and marketplace, and-for the future's sake-devotion and character in our marriages and homes and families." - Howard W. Hunter, "Standing As Witnesses of God," Ensign, May 1990, p. 62

"Your Heavenly Father loves each of you and has sent you to earth with a purpose. He has revealed a plan of happiness that, if followed, will ultimately bring you home to His presence, having triumphed over the trials and challenges of this world. Committing yourself now to live by the pattern the Lord has set will give you great strength in the proper use of your moral agency. The sincere commitments you make to yourself and to the Lord will be vital. We learn from the book of Psalms to 'commit thy way unto the Lord;... and he shall bring it to pass' (Psalm 37:5)." - John B. Dickson, "Commitment to the Lord," General Conference, April 2007

"Let us seek to be totally committed. Then we will not fall upon stony places, wither away, or stray from the paths of security and happiness. Those who serve with complete dedication wherever called do not wilt, wither, wonder, or wander. Their roots are deep and solidly planted in the fertile soils of the kingdom. The harvest is enjoyed with every passing day as they serve." - Marvin J. Ashton, "Who Will Forfeit the Harvest?," Ensign (CR), November 1978, p.49

"God loves us. He is watching us. He wants us to succeed. We will know someday that He has not left one thing undone for the eternal welfare of each of us. If we only knew it, heavenly hosts are pulling for us—friends in heaven we cannot now remember, who yearn for our victory. This is our day to show what we can do—what life and sacrifice we can daily, hourly, instantly, make for God. If we give our all, we will get His all from the greatest of all." - Ezra Taft Benson, "Jesus Christ—Gifts and Expectations," Christmas Devotional, Salt Lake City, Utah, 7 December 1986

"Prophets in all ages have counseled families to pray, study, work, and play together, to bind ourselves together in all holiness. It is and ever will be the answer to happiness, peace, and unity in this world. But it takes a commitment to do so—to do all we can. Knowing is not enough! It takes a personal commitment to be 'anxiously engaged,' to do everything possible." - James M. Paramore, "
A Personal Commitment," Ensign (CR), May 1979, p.60

"One hundred fifty years of Church history provide us with a lesson that when resistance and opposition are greatest, our faith, commitment, and growth have the greatest opportunity for advancement; when opposition is least, the tendency is to be complacent and lose faith. President Brigham Young said: 'Let any people enjoy peace and quietness, unmolested, undisturbed,—never be persecuted for their religion, and they are very likely to neglect their duty, to become cold and indifferent, and lose their faith' (in Journal of Discourses, 7:42). This lesson, which applies to the Church collectively, also applies to individuals.
" - Howard W. Hunter, "God Will Have a Tried People," Ensign (CR), May 1980, p.24

Please note that it is insufficient to just hear the word of God in gatherings such as this conference. In order to have God’s word impact our lives—to receive the promised blessings—we must follow it. Indeed, the Lord has proclaimed: “For you shall live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God” (D&C 84:44; emphasis added). - W. Mack Lawrence, "Conversion and Commitment," Ensign (CR) May 1996

There are reasons for your commitment to be made now, for as the rush of hours, days, and months grows stronger, the will to commit grows weaker. Events to transpire soon on this planet will dry up the options for the lukewarm, for the issues raised by Jesus are irrepressible issues! - Neal A. Maxwell, "Why Not Now?" Ensign (CR) November 1974

Commitment, as we have observed, is to be an example of goodness. It is to be “anxiously engaged” and “do many things” of our “own free will.” It is not by compulsion, but because of our desire to “bring to pass much righteousness.” Commitment is not confessing, but doing. It is not convenient. It isn’t easy—it’s never easy. It is example leadership. It is a binding, but happy, response to duty. It is at once peaceful yet compelling, for it obligates one to action. It is essential to the good life. It is doing what everyone can do. It is a beautiful principle to observe in action. - James M. Paramore, “A Personal Commitment,” Ensign (CR) May 1979

Finally, be there. Each of us was there in the Council in Heaven to choose the great plan of happiness we now enjoy. Young men, when you have made a commitment to yourself, your family, your bishop, your employer, be there. When it is time to be in church, at Mutual, or fulfilling a priesthood assignment, be there. When it is time to graduate from school or training programs, be there. When it is time to serve a mission, be there. When the young woman you love most kneels at the altar of God's holy temple, be there (and not as a witness). When your family is gathered in the celestial kingdom, be there. When the Savior waits to greet you as you return with honor from your life on this earth and your Heavenly Father wants to encircle you about in the arms of His love, be there. - Robert D. Hales, "To the Aaronic Priesthood: Preparing for the Decade of Decision,” Ensign (CR) April 2007

Brothers and sisters, save our dead? we must—such is our commitment. Carry the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people? we must—such is our commitment. Be our brother's keeper and teach one another? we must—such is our commitment. Learn our individual duty well and teach our families, as we overcome petty weaknesses? we must—for such is our commitment. - Robert L. Simpson, "These Four Things," Ensign (CR), May 1976, p. 57

A commitment to solve our daily needs and the reaching of immediate lesser goals will bring meaningful successes. Realize that God will judge you by the way you make use of all your possibilities. It is wise and proper to want to make the most of every opportunity, but don't quit or weep because of failure or disappointments. Break down big commitments into smaller ones that you can handle. Then self-esteem will grow and commitment toward goals of greater magnitude will become possible. - Marvin J. Ashton, "The Word Is Commitment", Ensign (CR), November 1983, p. 61

It appears to me that when we join the Church of Jesus Christ and especially when we receive the oath and covenant of the priesthood, we should commit ourselves wholly and completely to the cause of God. By this I do not mean we need give up our daily occupations or our interests in the daily affairs of mankind unless we are called by authority from God to do so. I do mean that a true change must occur in our thinking so complete and so total that our very lives are changed for the better as far as our attitudes and our actions are concerned. - Theodore M. Burton, "The Need for Total Commitment," Ensign (CR), January 1974, p. 114

How often have we made resolutions which we did not carry out? The only answer to these questions is to commit ourselves to serve the Lord and to meet His challenges. As Moroni wrote, the Lord's grace is sufficient for all who humble themselves before Him. If we humble ourselves and have faith in Him, He will make our weaknesses into our strengths (see Ether 12:27). He will provide His strength to meet our challenges, and many things will take care of themselves. The Spirit of God strengthens us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It is now up to us to choose the way! Caterina Di Genova, who died in the Middle Ages as a martyr and who inspired future generations, is believed to have said, "Once God possesses the will of a person, God will dwell within this person and will lead him to perfection." To prevail in this world without God is difficult. Through God, however, all things are possible. - Hans B. Ringger, "What Shall We Do?" Ensign (CR), May 1994, p.86

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