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General Conference Comments

Twice a year, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and people from all over the world, have the opportunity to listen to the general leaders of the Church in what is known as General Conference. Of the importance of General Conference, Pres. Harold B. Lee, 11th President of the Church, had this to say.

"As the Latter-day Saints go home from this conference, it would be well if they consider seriously the importance of taking with them the report of this conference and let it be the guide to their walk and talk during the next six months. These are the important matters the Lord sees fit to reveal to this people in this day in the year 1946." — "General Conference Report," April 1946, p. 68 

If this counsel was appropriate in 1946, how much more appropriate it is for us today!

The following words are those of WOOL subscribers and visitors who submitted their thoughts, feelings and reflections about General Conference, both recent and past. If you would like to add your comments, please fill out the submission form below (just one click of the "Submit" button will do).

Scott Birk - Molalla, Oregon (10/4/2003) — IMHO, Elder Ballard's Saturday morning General Conference address (10/4/2003) is must-read material for every family. His treatment of the topic of entertainment and the media contains invaluable counsel for the protection of the family. His was a great sermon!

Roberta Gerke - Goldendale, Washington (10/5/2003) — I felt that every sentence of President Gordon B. Hinkley's talk this morning (5 Oct. 2003) was full of great advice for us to follow. If we all followed it for the next 6 months how much we would improve in doing our Heavenly Father's will and be able to improve our lives and maybe someone else's.

Jeannie Stark Turner - Rancho Cordova, California (10/5/2003) — As Elder Ballard said, "The time has come when members of the church need to speak out . . . in opposition to the offensive, destructive and mean-spirited media influence that is sweeping over the Earth." We DO need to write letters, send eMail, and make phone calls. These communications are important not only to help media CEOs make better decisions, but also to let friends and family know where we stand. We need to communicate our commendations as well as our condemnations.

Sister Jane Ann - Brookhaven, Mississippi (10/5/2003) — I have no special speaker that I would like to choose from. To me it was all directed to me. I loved both the sessions that I was able to get. Why someone can't gain a testimony of the gospel while watching and listening I can't figure it out. I am so very glad for my testimony of the gospel. I am so glad that now we can get the conferences here in Miss. and all other places. I never thought a few years ago that I would never see the prophet in person or anyone or even on TV. now he visits my home every day.

John J. Hatala - Bristolville, Ohio (10/5/2003) — Conference was great. To be able to listen to all the great counsel that was given. I think that WOOL would do good by adding some of this counsel in there email. Keep up the great work.

Carol Muir - Central Point, Oregon (10/6/2003) — I am so very pleased to be uplifted by the messages that come to me through WOOL and especially the counsel that was given to us from all the General Conference speakers along with the inspiring music.

Katrina Arnell - Idaho Falls, Idaho (10/6/2003) — Being a single 21-year-old there are a lot of times where I wonder which direction I am heading in. As I was discussing this General Conference (Oct. 2003) with my roommate and a friend, we all saw a pattern in topics, but they were each different than the others. One saw Service, the other saw Choices, and I saw the importance and power of prayer. Each of these subjects are things that we find we need in our life, or perhaps what we need to work on. I too loved Elder Ballard's talk as well as President Hinckley's. The media we choose does reflect how we make decisions in our lives.

Eleanor Falzone (10/6/2003) — All the speakers were wonderful. It's so uplifting to hear from our leaders twice yearly. But, the most moving thing for me, was our fabulous Tabernacle Choir! They were truly magnificent during this conference! In the past years they have been singing simple hymns from our hymn book, but this weekend they really let go and performed to a level of perfection. The last song on Saturday morning, "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" had me in tears. Bravo to all who work so diligently to make OUR choir such a tremendous missionary tool.

Naomi Anderson - Cataldo, Idaho (10/6/2003) — This conference was wonderful, If we would just follow the things we were taught, and remember our birth right!!!!! WE ARE A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!

Marcy W. - Lindon, Utah (10/7/2003) — As a fairly recent convert to the church I anxiously await conference twice a year. Each and every talk fills me with the spirit and helps to guide me through my everyday life. My testimony grows and strengthens so much! I'm so glad that I am a member of this church!

Judy Sloan - Polson, Montana (10/7/2003) — I was so grateful to receive the counsel from Elder Ballard and Pres. Hinckley regarding the importance of selecting appropriate media for ourselves and our families. It provided the power I was looking for as I taught seminary this week, as we talked about Abraham and his sacrifices to the Lord and the idol worshipping of his father. It brought it to our day and time to hear the words of our Prophets and see if we put the popular things that are not appropriate ahead of our love for God and obedience to his word. I challenged the youth to go through their CD, movies etc. to see if some needed to be sacrificed.....they become an idol when we love and try to hold onto those things that promote Satan's standards and deceptions by purchasing and participate in listening or watching such entertainment rather than live by the word of God and his servants. Their challenge for us all to be more selective and speak out against the evil that is constantly pushed at us through the media will help us all to rise to a higher level and bless our lives if we follow their counsel. Refuse to be used. Yea!!

Jayrene Nielsen - Richfield, Utah (10/7/2003) — My husband and I were privileged to attend the Sunday afternoon session of Conference at the Conference Center. It was wonderful. The music was exquisite by the choir. It set a wonderful background and emphasis for the speakers. It was a wonderful experience. President Hinckley's closing remarks were so tender and inspiring. One of the talks I enjoyed most was Elder Holland's about getting to know our Heavenly Father through our Savior. The whole conference was great. How thankful I am for General Conference. It is like water to the thirsty, living water.

Don Johnson - Mesa, Arizona (10/7/2003) — There is no doubt to me that this conference was the Missionary conference of the decade!!! I have again, renewed My testimony of the Restoration and the Great Prophet who was called to usher in this Gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith! The three-fold mission of the Church is in full force! May this great conference bring back the prodigal son, bring back that Spirit of the mission field and MTC! and especially give us the courage to stand for truth and righteousness and open our mouths and speak with the trump of GOD!

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