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"...'I’d rather be a servant in the Lord’s house than rule a kingdom.... The secret of success is dedicated hours of faithful service in the work of the Master. Remember that this is the work of the Lord and that he who is engaged in it receives the Lord’s pay, and He is the best paymaster in the world.'" — Jack Walsh, "D. Arthur Haycock: Aide to Four Prophets," Ensign, Aug. 1984, p. 25

"Brothers and sisters, the time is past when we can merely believe in this gospel; we must be passionate in our belief and in our commitment to Jesus Christ and His plan." — Elaine L. Jack, "A Small Stone," Ensign, May 1997, p. 74–75

"In this work there must be commitment. There must be devotion. We are engaged in a great eternal struggle that concerns the very souls of the sons and daughters of God. We are not losing. We are winning. We will continue to win if we will be faithful and true. We can do it. We must do it. We will do it. There is nothing the Lord has asked of us that in faith we cannot accomplish." — Gordon B. Hinckley, "The War We Are Winning," Ensign, Nov. 1986, p. 44

"If our roots are deep, we will welcome continuing revelation, change, and direction. We will develop the ability to accept releases, callings, and new challenges with enthusiasm. We will be too busy to be offended. We will be too big to be hurt. We will serve wherever we are called with anxious dedication. We will accept people for what they are and what they can and do become. Change will not only drive our roots deeper but cause them to grow into new and fertile soil." — Marvin J. Ashton, "Who Will Forfeit the Harvest?" Ensign, Nov. 1978, p. 50

"Even ideals don’t help us very much if we don’t hang on to them solidly enough. The old sectarian idea that one can be saved once and for all by one declaration of faith or one set of circumstances may be pretty disastrous. That is, one cannot meet the foe, fight the battle, and overcome all enemies once and for all in a single encounter. The battle must be continuously won. Many people have borne their testimonies to the truth of the gospel and then got on the bus with a destination of shame and degradation. The seeds of death don’t have to be very big. A great tree of evil can also grow from a small mustard seed of sin. And if we don’t want the tree to develop, we had better not let it get started." — Sterling W. Sill, "On the Wrong Bus," New Era, July 1983, p. 6

"The Prophet Joseph Smith described offering 'your whole soul' (Omni 1:26) as serving God with all your 'heart, might, mind and strength' (D&C 4:2). It is to put on the altar of God your time, talents, gifts and blessings, your willingness to serve, to do all that he asks." - Elaine L. Jack, "A Small Stone," General Conference, April 1997

"Let me say something of the marvelous members of the Church themselves. In the reorganization of a rather far-flung stake recently, I felt the Lord's prompting to call a man to the stake presidency who, I had been told, owned a bicycle but no automobile. Many leaders across the Church don't have cars, but I was nevertheless worried about what that might mean for this man in this particular stake. In my terminally-ill Spanish I pursued the interview, then said, 'Hermano, no tiene un auto?' With a smile and not a second's hesitation he replied, 'No tengo un auto; pero yo tengo pies, yo tengo fe.' ('I do not have a car, but I do have feet and I do have faith.') He then said he could ride the bus, ride his bicycle, or walk, 'como los misioneros,' he smiled-'like the missionaries.' And so he does." - Jeffrey R. Holland, "'Abide in Me'," General Conference, April 2004

"I am impressed with the words 'true at all times.' Helaman did not have to worry if they would show up. He was not concerned about some of them surrendering before the battle began. They did not blame their righteous parents for causing them to suffer injury and pain. Rather, they 'did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives' (Alma 56:47). Although the fighting was awful and they were terribly outnumbered, those young men could be counted upon." - F. Melvin Hammond, "True at All Times," New Era, February 1999, p. 48

"A Christian life demands decision and dedication. It is a dedication that is free of fanaticism but full of understanding and love. It is a dedication that knows no selfishness but yet knows of our personal needs. It is a dedication that embraces all mankind and yet keeps an eye single to the Lord. And it is a dedication that brings joy but is seldom free of hardship, disappointment, and discomfort." - Hans B. Ringger, "Choose You This Day", Ensign (CR), May 1990, p.25

"We ought to show in our every day lives a deep devotion to the principles of the Gospel, and to our Heavenly Father. It should not be merely in words and expressions, but it should pervade our whole being. When awake in the morning, our thoughts should be directed to the Author of our being, with thanks for the protection during the night, and with a prayer for His guidance and protection during the day; and, when we lie down at night, our last thoughts should be directed to Him, thanking Him for what we have been able to do during the day, and communing with Him in our meditations. Our devotion should be shown in calling together our family at the family altar, in the morning and at night, and there bring before the Lord our petitions and supplications." - Anthon H. Lund, "Conference Report," April 1912, First Day—Morning Session, p. 11

Quiet Christianity is a necessary counterpoint to the rumble of the kettle drums and the crash of cymbals of those Christian  acts  which are, by their very nature, visible and hard to ignore. We also need the behavioral equivalent of the flute and the violin in order to have the kind of symphony that can make a difference in mortality. - Neal A. Maxwell, "A Time to Choose," p. 28

Our great Redeemer calls us to be loyal as we take up the torch of our destiny. Let us never disappoint Him. Though evil abounds in the world and violence grows by the day, He will watch over us if we are true. He has pledged to protect the righteous even if He must send down fire from heaven to do so. (See D&C 35:14.) - Mark E. Petersen, “Even As I Am,” Ensign (CR) April 1982

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