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"We have a great responsibility to conserve our membership. We listen to and know about national conservation but still when these, our brethren and sisters, accept the gospel it is just the same as the top soil, which very often is taken from the top of the earth and washed away to the sea. They become lost and much of the responsibility is ours, because we do owe them our helping hand. As Mosiah said, we must bear their burdens with them, and only in bearing their burdens and knowing that we have the truth can we discharge that covenant which we have made. Most of us who are here listening to these services today made a covenant that we would do anything for the Gospel, even to the giving up our lives, if we were called upon to do so, and we do need to carry this truth, which I bear witness and testimony of today. We have the responsibility to carry that truth to the hearts of the membership of our Church." - Desla S. Bennion, "Conference Report," April 1949, Afternoon Meeting, p.57

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