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"I bear my witness that God lives, that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, that a prophet of God leads this Church today, that life is eternal. I believe that man was 'overbuilt' for this world. Have you ever seen a man who was totally satisfied with what he has here? There seems to be a yearning, a longing, a reaching up for something not had here. I think a wise man of old described it best when he said, 'Surely God has planted the seeds of eternity into the souls of men.'" - Devere Harris, "Spiritual Power," Ensign (CR), November 1984, p.26

I bear witness that inherent in every member of the Church are powerful resources of the spirit if we righteously seek them. Man’s closest communication with his Maker is through the medium of prayer. It is the means offered him to place his problems before God and receive spiritual strength and sustenance. - Devere Harris, "Spiritual Power," Ensign (CR) October 1984

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