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"As we contemplate this work, my brethren, we can begin to understand why it is the greatest work. When we think of the mission of the Saviorto bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of manwe can understand why Joseph Smith said that this is the greatest responsibility that God has laid upon us in the world; that we neglect this temple work at the peril of losing our own salvation; that our dead can't be made perfect without us, nor we without them. Temple work transcends more space, more time and more people than any other work in the Church. The other organizationsparticularly the auxiliarieshave to do with here and now. Temple work has to do with eternity. Through genealogical research we reach back into the dark ages of the past to get our records. Through temple work we enjoy the endowments today for ourselves and our families. Through temple work we project our hopes and our dreams into the future. We have sealed upon ourselves the promise that we will enjoy glory, immortality, an eternal life. And since the Savior's work is to save all mankindnot only those who live now but all who have lived and will livesurely he needs the help that we can give. He needs our aid and our support in this great and important mission." - Edward L. Clissold, "Conference Report," April 1959, General Priesthood Meeting, p.43

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