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"Here are the promised blessings for those who will hold a weekly home evening: 'If the Saints obey this counsel, we promise that great blessings will result. Love at home and obedience to parents will increase. Faith will be developed in the hearts of the youth of Israel, and they will gain power to combat the evil influences and temptations which beset them.' First Presidency, April 27, 1915, in Improvement Era 18:733-34." — Ezra Taft Benson, God, Family, Country, p. 228

"I like to compare the home evening, family prayer, and other associated activities of the Church for the saving of the family, when they are conscientiously carried out, with an umbrella. If the umbrella is not opened up, it is little more than a cane and can give little protection from the storms of nature. Likewise, God-given plans are of little value unless they are used." — Spencer W. Kimball, General Conference, October 1969

"I wonder if having casual and infrequent family home evening will be enough in the future to fortify our children with sufficient moral strength. In the future, infrequent family scripture study may be inadequate to arm our children with the virtue necessary to withstand the moral decay of the environment in which they will live. Where in the world will the children learn chastity, integrity honesty, and basic human decency if not at home. These values will, of course, be reinforced at church, but parental teaching is more constant." — James E. Faust, The Greatest Challenge In The World--Good Parenting, General Conference, October 1990

"As we faithfully hold quality family home evenings, we 'will gain strength to withstand the temptations of the world and will receive many blessings which will help qualify [us] to enjoy [our] families through eternity in the Celestial Kingdom' the First Presidency, Family Home Evening, manual, 1978, p. 2. If the prophet bid us do some great thing for so great a blessing, would we do it? Holding regular family home evening is such a small thing we can do to obtain these great blessings." — Rex D. Pinegar, The Simple Things, General Conference, October 1994

"Elder Harold B. Lee added a new dimension to our understanding of Malachi's prophecy.  He explained that one objective of Church programs, such as family home evening, is 'to turn here upon the earth, the hearts of parents to children and the hearts of the children to parents.  Can you believe that when parents have passed beyond the veil that then is the only time when parents should have their hearts turned to their children and children to their parents?... Maybe it is time for us to think of turning the hearts of parents to children now while living in order that, after they are gone to the beyond, there might be that bond between parents and children that might last beyond death.'" — Harold B. Lee, Preparing to Meet the Lord, Oakland Temple Dedication, November 1964, as quoted by Richard O. Cowan in
The Doctrine and Covenants: Our Modern Scripture

“The temple is a house of eternal relationships, a place where families can come for the purpose of transforming their family circle into an eternal family unit, where all of a sudden ‘together forever’ becomes far more important than the next trivial family difference. You see, eternal families reason together in family council with dad at the head.” - Robert L. Simpson, “The House of the Lord,” Ensign CR, November 1980, p. 10

The structure of your evening is not as important as the time invested. The gospel should be taught both formally and informally. Make it a meaningful experience for each member of the family. Family home evening is a precious time to bear testimony in a safe environment; to learn teaching, planning, and organizational skills; to strengthen family bonds; to develop family traditions; to talk to each other; and more important, to have a marvelous time together! - Richard G. Scott, “Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority,” Ensign (CR) November 2014 

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