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"It is your duty now to rise up, all of you, and trace your genealogies, and begin to exercise the powers which belong to saviors of men, and when you do this in earnest, you will begin to comprehend how widespread, how numerous your ancestors are, for whom Temple work has to be performed, in order that they may be brought into the fold; and when you get stopped, the Lord will reveal further information to you; and in this way the work of salvation and redemption will be accomplished, even from Father Adam down to the last one; or to speak more properly, down to the Prophet Joseph, who was the first of this dispensation."—George Q. Cannon, Journal of Discourses, Vol.22, p.128 - 130

"There is born unto every man in the Church a responsibility to his kindred dead, to find them out by genealogical search, and then to do the temple work for them, or have done, all gospel ordinances necessary for the living, being alike necessary for the dead."—George F. Richards, Conference Report, April 1945

"Temple work is for the redemption of the dead. The scriptures and the doctrine, however, refer more specifically to a particular group of the dead. Malachi spoke about 'binding' fathers to children and children to fathers. (See Malachi 4:6.) Joseph Smith emphasized temple blessings for our kindred dead, our dead. (See D&C 124:32-36, 127:5-6; 128:8, 14-15.) The emphasis is on the family. The priority is to seek out our own deceased relatives."—Elder Wm. Grant Bangerter, What Temples Are For, April 1982

"Many suppose that they are discharging their responsibilities by simply 'going to the temple.' But that is not wholly true. We must go to the temple, of course, and often. It we do not as yet have the records of our own dead kindred, then while we search for them, by all means let us help others with theirs. But be it understood that if we go to the temple, and not for our own dead, we are performing only a part of our duty, because we are also required to go there specifically to save our own dead relatives and bind the various generations together by the power of the holy priesthood."—Elder Mark E. Petersen, The Message Of Elijah, April 1976

"The Prophet Joseph taught that you and I are to become saviors on Mount Zion. We are to gather, build temples, seek after our dead, and perform all the vital ordinances. This work welds eternal links that bind us to each other and to our fathers. We are exalted as family units."—Elder A. Theodore Tuttle, Eternal Links That Bind, April 1980

"Note that we are to become saviors for our own direct ancestors or progenitors and not for collateral relatives who are direct-line ancestors of somebody else. Note that it is our line of ancestry that is to be preserved, for the promises of Abraham come to us through these lines of lineal."—Elder Theodore M. Burton, Genealogy: A Personal Responsibility, October 1972

"Let us lay our hand to and never cease our labors until the Temples of our God are erected, and our fathers' hearts are warmed into their knowing that their children are laboring for their redemption."—Elder Angus M. Cannon, Journal of Discourses, Vol.20, p.51 - 52

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