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"I like to think of our lives as like a wagon wheel. We can divide our activities into areas, such as the areas between the spokes. In one area we devote our time to making a living; another area to our home; another area to our political and civic life; another area might even be our recreational life. I like to think of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Church of God as the heart, the center, the hub of the wheel, and from that central source and hub comes the strength and the power and the oil and the grease that smooth out and make us joyous and happy, and integrate the whole life. Only so far, of course, as we put these teachings of Christ into operation in our homes, into our business and into all of our pursuits, are we doing our full duty and are we growing. That is why we are so anxious to have the spirit of God with us at all times. That is why we come together so frequently, to sing, to commune and to pray, and partake of the sacrament, in order that we might always have those influence near us, that the same may bless us in the work that is before us." - Franklin L. West, "Conference Report," April 1945, Evening Meeting, p.117

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