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"We have a little advantage over the rest of the world, because our Father has supplemented the teachings in the scriptures by a visitation to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Together with the Savior he appeared manifesting his true character and clearing away all doubt as to their actual existence. This modern day visitation has placed us in a position to know our Father and to know his Son Jesus Christ, and as Latter-day Saints, we ought to praise God for this glorious revelation of the latter days, for it has brought us happiness on earth, it has brought us even a taste of heaven while we dwell here in mortal flesh." - G. E. Ellsworth, "Conference Report," October 1917, Second Meeting Outdoors, p.130

"Truly the Lord has turned the hearts of the children to their parents, and the hearts of our forefathers who are dead have been turned to us. I believe that they are near us, and that they are trying their best to influence us to do that which will open the prison doors, and give them a chance to enter into a broader life and grander work which will prepare us and them for greater happiness in the life to come; this is the greater love that is moving the living and the dead." - German E. Ellsworth, "Conference Report," April 1914, Outdoor Meeting, p.83

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