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“The growth of this Church has not come because it was popular. It has been in spite of the opposition, of the wise men of the world; it has been in spite of the opposition of religious teachers, and it has continued to gather here and there choice spirits who have lived in such a way that they could comprehend the truth. The lack of faith in the world today would be appalling, but for the fact that the Lord has set his hand to redeem Israel. The condition of humanity today, their lack of knowledge that God lives, is not altogether the result of their desire to do wrong, but it is the result of having done wrong, of disobedience to the commandments of God. Throughout the world, those who have not faith in God have not complied with his teachings, have not listened to the whisperings of the still small voice, have not done their best, else the Lord would not have forsaken them. The Spirit of God continues to strive with men everywhere as long as they make the effort to keep his commandments.” -
George A. Smith., “Conference Report,” October 1916, Second Day—Morning Session, p. 48

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