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"Our heavenly Father has designed that His Spirit should dwell in us to comfort and cheer us in our onward march through life, in times of adversity, to give us strength and courage to bear up faithfully under all trials that may be brought upon us, that we may maintain our integrity to the end." — George F. Richards, "Conference Report," October 1906, p. 68

"In 2 Nephi 2:25 we read, 'Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.' To receive a fulness of joy here and hereafter, as intended of the Lord, we must live the righteous Christ-like life; and render effectual service to God and to our fellow men. The righteous life inspires love of God and of fellow men and opens the avenue of communication and help from the Lord, which is so necessary to success in effectual service." — George F. Richards, "Conference Report," April 1936, p. 78

"Joseph Smith was also one of those noble spirits chosen before he was born. Had any number of boys fourteen years of age, other than Joseph Smith, gone into the woods to pray for light and spiritual guidance, not one of them would have had the vision given to the boy Joseph. He was chosen and ordained for the special work of restoration and this vision of the Father and the Son was the first step in his life's ministry. No doubt Satan knew of Joseph's calling, and that if he did not succeed in destroying him at this time, he would not be able to do so thereafter; hence the vigorous assault made upon the boy's life." — George F. Richards, "Conference Report," October 1948, p. 11

“Why did the Lord give the commandment?

“’Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.’ (Exodus 20:16.)

“He gave it because of the subtle methods of the adversary in his effort to divide and tear asunder the love and the unity of the Lord's people! To bear false witness may not appear to be a very serious offense, but its results are far-reaching and cruel, hence, the use made of it by the instigator of evil. The Lord warns us against this evil practice. Bearing false witness, talebearing, slander, gossip, scandal, fault-finding, backbiting, and evil speaking are in the same category of evil practice and are some of the means employed by Satan to disunite us as a people and destroy brotherly love, kindness, and helpfulness toward one another.” - George F. Richards, “Conference Report,” April 1947, First Day—Morning Meeting, p. 24

This Gospel is a Gospel of work, of service to God and our fellowmen, from beginning to end. It is not sufficient that we be simply good, or that we ourselves embrace the principles and ordinances of the Gospel, but we are to teach them to others and administer the ordinances thereof to those who are prepared to receive them, all things being done in proper order. -
George F. Richards, Conference Report, October 1933, Afternoon Meeting, p.117

This is the time, my brethren and sisters, for our planting, this period of our eternal progression, while we are here in mortal life. If in the season of the planting of our crop, the planting be neglected, there will be no time of reaping. I do hope that we will bear this thought in mind and make every preparation that is necessary while we are here and have the opportunity; that when we go beyond we will find peace, we will be satisfied with that which we have to reap as a result of our life's work here. - George F. Richards, "Conference Report," April 1921, Afternoon Session, p. 29

The Lord will remember His people for their faithfulness, and will abundantly reward them with the things pertaining to this life and eternity. I admonish the Latter-day Saints to not tire but to continue on and on, and see to it that when we give our tithings that we give them ungrudgingly; that when we give our offerings our hearts go out therewith, that it may be counted unto us for righteousness, and that we may receive a blessing from the Lord. - George F. Richards, "Conference Report," April 1911, Second Day-Morning Session, p.43

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