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“We have to obey the principles of the Gospel and to be humble and meek if we ever expect to attain to the exaltations.  One of my beloved brethren mentioned to me the other day at the funeral of Brother Jesse W. Fox that there was not a man present but would like to speak a word concerning him.  What was the matter with Brother Fox that everybody should love him so?  Why, he was one of the meek of the earth, and every meek man is loved.  Meekness is a natural principle, which we all admire.  It is said that  Moses  was a meek man.  Every servant of God has to be a meek man, or else he will never be able to stand in his lot and calling.  He has to say, as the Savior said, ‘Not my will, but Thine, be done.’  ‘Teach me to see as my brethren see.  Let no false impression be upon my mind; but let me be sanctified by the truth.’  That is the prayer of every man who desires to be established in the everlasting righteousness of God.” – George Teasdale, General Conference, April 6, 1894

“As Latter-day-Saints we are frequently admonished to live our religion. I understand that to live our religion is to love the Lord our God with all our might, mind and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves, and speak of all the best we can. I understand that to live my religion is to mind my own business attend to my own affairs, work out my own salvation, and magnify my calling. I understand that to live my religion is to trust in the Lord and do good; to seek earnestly for the blessing of the Almighty, and to be filled with gratitude to Him that I have the privilege of being a member of His Church, that I have a living testimony, that I have become sanctified through the precious blood of Christ, and that I have the fellowship of the Holy Ghost.” - George Teasdale, “Conference Report,” October 1902, Third Day—Morning Session, p. 72

I say to all, especially to myself, repent, and let us turn over a new leaf; let us cease our slothfulness, our indifference, and let it be manifest to Almighty God that we appreciate His loving kindness, that we appreciate His redemption, that we appreciate the glorious hope of everlasting lives, in a glorious resurrection, by our works being coupled with our faith to the glory of the Father, through Jesus Christ. - George Teasdale, "Conference Report," April 1898

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