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“That which appeals to me in this is that we desire that our children grow up in purity, that they be active men and women in the Church, honorable members of the communities where they live. Here are the words of the living prophet, pointing out to us how we may be successful. Our children are dearer to us than all the world; they are the most precious jewels that our Father in heaven could give us. We love them. We would give our very lives for them, and here are a few simple rules of life for their preservation, if we will but observe these rules, the prophet said we will be successful in rearing our children in purity and deliver them from the pitfalls that constantly beset their paths. If we will observe the law of tithing honestly before God and before our children, if we will faithfully observe our family and secret prayers, and if we will faithfully observe the Word of Wisdom-the prophet says we shall have power and strength to preserve our children in purity. That is one of the greatest promises that has ever been made to us, and I have faith in it, I believe it, my brethren and sisters, and I want to bear my testimony that if you will keep the commandments of God and observe to do them, you will be successful in the rearing of your children.” - George T. Hyde, “Conference Report,” April 1924, Third Day—Morning Session, p.128

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