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"President Penrose referred to the commandments of God as standing out before us in black and white, which, fortunately for us, is true. This statement brought to my mind, however, a wish that all of life's problems might stand out as black and white before our eyes, that we might be able to differentiate clearly between the right and the wrong, the true and the false, as we differentiate and recognize the lines of demarcation between black and white. But, alas, too often life's problems present themselves as a mingling of the two as shades of gray, and it is sometimes quite impossible to determine, with our natural minds, where the black leaves off and the white begins.

"One has said that it is given to every man to know so much as whether or not he knows. To know a thing, it must be made comprehensible and convincing to our understanding. In the solution of such problems as I refer to, we need human intelligence plus something else, namely: the light of the Holy Ghost. To him who has been baptized by authority, following his sincere faith and repentance, is given the companionship of the Holy Ghost as a light to his path, illumination to his mind, and warmth to his soul. It is true that fires will not burn except they have fuel, whether they be fires of love, fires of industry, fires of achievement, or fires of holy zeal. These fires must be fed that they might burn. Those who receive the Holy Ghost should cultivate and encourage the Spirit, that light might be thrown upon their path, that their way may be made clear, that their minds may be illuminated, and that they may clearly differentiate between right and wrong. Keep the fires burning within your souls; do not let them out; for remember, you cannot rekindle ashes.
" - Heber Q. Hale, "Conference Report," October 1923, First Day—Morning Session, p.41

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