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"Once in ancient Israel, King Saul found displeasure in the sight of God for failing to obey, although he thought he had kept the law by offering sacrifice. To him came the denunciation, 'To obey is better than sacrifice,' (1 Sam. 15:22.) This did not mean that sacrifice was not a good principle, but as a loyalty becomes false, when honor is sacrificed, so also is sacrifice false when exhibited by disobedience. Loyalty likewise is a good principle, but never if it means the surrender of honor." — Alvin R. Dyer, March 16, 1965, "BYU Speeches of the Year"

"Missionary service is not only a test of faith but a real test of character. This is seen in the remarks of a young missionary who said: 'In the Army I was forced to obey orders, but in the mission field I am given instructions and then placed on my honor. This has been to me one of the greatest tests in my life.'" — Elray L. Christiansen, "Conference Report," April 1959

"We want to maintain this character and reputation. Inasmuch as we are true and faithful, if we cannot do it just exactly as we would, the Lord will open the way that we shall do it the best we can; and they around us, they that are over us, will see and know that we are true in the intent of our hearts, true and faithful in the purposes of our souls, and will lift us up and bear us over these tribulations and trials; and it still will be the case that the credit, the character and the honor of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be the brightest, the most potent and untarnished of any power that is in the earth." — Franklin D. Richards, 6 October 1893, "Collected Discourses, 1886-1898," Vol. 3

"The measure of honor we reach in life is dependent upon the caliber of that which we permit to become a part of ourselves, which affects our physical, emotional, and mental ways of life. Seeds sown in honor spring forth to become jewels of eternity, while seeds sown in dishonor for whatever purpose decay and die in the corrupted soil where they are sown." — Alvin R. Dyer, "Conference Report," April 1965, p. 82

"In accounting for any success, we should remember that everyone has two personalities. He has the one that he was born with and the one that he acquires after he is born. It is our acquired personality that we make a living with and live an honorable and successful life with. Such great instruments of success as industry, courage, positive mental attitude, enthusiasm, faith, and honor are not free gifts, but they can all be limitlessly developed." — Sterling W. Sill, "Principles, Promises, and Powers," [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1973] p. 152

“The religious life of a Latter-day Saint should be based not upon obligation and duty alone, but upon a genuine desire to be honorable, to do good, to do what is right, to love God, and to love one another.” - Elray L. Christiansen, “Conference Report,” October 1963, Afternoon Meeting, p. 116

We make a mistake if we think we are fulfilling the law of God which commands that His servants shall be honored by honoring the more prominent officials in the church while we sneer at and laugh at and deride the efforts of the more humble servants of God who come among us to instruct us in the things of the Kingdom. Let this conference, then, O, Latter-day Saints, be remembered for teaching, first of all, reverence henceforth in Israel for the name of Deity; and as collateral parts of that same doctrine—honor for parents; and profound respect for the priesthood of God. - B. H. Roberts, "Conference Report," October 1901, Overflow Meeting, p.60 

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