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Never before in all my life have I been so grateful that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as I am today. My heart swells with blessings for the faithful in Israel, for the faithful Latter-day Saints, for God's blessings are upon the people of this Church. The Lord has blessed the leaders of Israel. He has blessed the people of Israel who have entered the fold of Christ. He has blessed the Church in all its ramifications throughout the world, and I pray that he will continue to bless the Church and those whom he has called to lead and direct its affairs upon the earth. - Hyrum G. Smith, “Conference Report,” April 1918, Second Day-Morning Session, p.53

I should like also to add my testimony to the testimonies of my brethren who spoke this morning, concerning the spirits that are with us to guide, inspire, and protect us. Many people have said to me: "Brother Smith, how can you tell the difference between the promptings of the Lord, or his agencies, and the promptings of the adversary or his agencies?" They say they are unable, in most respects, to discern the difference between those promptings. I have said: "After earnest and sincere prayer follow your first impression, and you will always go right." Then they say: "Well, how can I tell which is my first impression? They are usually so close to each other it is difficult to even tell which is the first impression." Then I say: "The impression made by the Spirit that is for our guide in safety in the Church is always from a good spirit, the Spirit that proclaims and announces the truth, and the truth doesn't need an alibi or crutches to support it." So if you go back and knock down all the crutches, all the alibis, all the excuses, the ifs and ands and buts that attempt to support it, that crowd and urge us—because, as a rule, I have discovered that the adversary's agencies, in their promptings, are usually of an urging, crowding, hurrying nature, while the Spirit of the Lord and his agencies are always of a quiet, sweet, peaceful and convincing character—so that after we have done away with all the excuses, all the alibis that usually support our experiences, we can discover which is the right spirit. The spirit of conviction, of peace and of charity, which is the love of the Lord and his work, is not in a hurry, but has time to decide, time to weigh, time to consider; does not act in haste, but in calm deliberation. We learn then the truth, and we have a guide which is a companion to every member of the Church who is faithful and true, so that we are able, through the blessings of the Lord, to receive that comfort and consolation which will support us, even in time of distress. - Hyrum G. Smith, “Conference Report,” October 1931, Afternoon Meeting, p.27

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