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"Some years ago it was my privilege and pleasure to labor in Australia as a missionary. There was a gentleman there who was handed some discourses delivered by the general authorities of the Church, at these general conferences, and in speaking to me sometime later regarding the discourses he had read, he made this remark: 'Mr. Duckworth, one thing that has impressed me, with reference to the teachings that are delivered in your general conferences by the general authorities of your Church, is this, that they are essentially of a practical character; they deal with the every day problems of life, and they are not related solely to the spiritual concern of your people.' It made a deep impression upon my mind at the time, and I have often remarked about it since, that the teachings that were given by our general authorities in the gatherings of the Saints relate to the taking care of the body just as well as the taking care of the spirit of man. They teach us how to take care of our bodies; they teach us that beautiful law known as the Word of Wisdom. They teach us that we should be clean in our bodies, that we should keep our bodies pure and in such a way that we may be in a fit condition for the enjoyment of the Spirit of our Father, for he will not dwell in unclean tabernacles, and it is just as essential that we shall keep our bodies clean as that we shall keep our spirits clean.
" - James Duckworth, "Conference Report," April 1917, Overflow Meeting, p.83

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