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"Prior to his death, Lehi gathered all his posterity together and pleaded with them to awake and arise and to put on the armor of righteousness (see 2 Ne. 1:13-23). Then he gave them his final blessing (see 2 Ne. 4:2-12). Goodly parents bless their children." - Jay E. Jensen, "Little Children and the Gospel," Ensign, Jan. 1999, p. 36

"Jacob's impact upon his son Enos is measured by this comment: 'I, Enos, knowing my father that he was a just man-for he taught me' (Enos 1:1). These teachings led Enos to pray and seek the blessings of the Atonement for himself. Goodly parents teach their children about the Atonement and a remission of sins." - Jay E. Jensen, "Little Children and the Gospel," Ensign, Jan. 1999, p. 36

"I love the scriptures. I testify that they are the word of God. I have likened a verse from Alma to my life: the scriptures have had a great tendency to lead me to do that which is just; yea, they have had a more powerful effect upon my mind than the sword or anything else which has happened unto me; therefore I have tried the virtue of the word of God. (See Alma 31:5.)" - Jay E. Jensen, "Remember Also the Promises," Ensign, November 1992, p. 80

"The effectiveness of the Book of Mormon as a witness of the existence of God and the divinity of Christ springs partly from its mere existence, unexplainable without reference to the hand of God. The Book of Mormon represents the keystone of this latter-day work, the stone that supports all other stones in the arch. If the stone is removed, the arch crumbles. With the keystone of a testimony of the Book of Mormon firmly in place, the assurance comes that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's church, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that modern revelation guides the Church, and that God is today a God of miracles as in ancient times." - Jay E. Jensen, "Why We Ask People to Read the Book of Mormon," Ensign, Aug. 1984, 19–20

"I have found repeated in different places in the scriptures two major promises for reading and studying the scriptures that pertain to the next life: one is exaltation, and the other is eternal life. For example, Nephi said: 'Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, … Ye shall have eternal life.' ( 2 Ne. 31:20.)

"The surprising discovery was that most promises that come to us for reading and studying the scriptures pertain to mortality. Three categories of promises to consider are promises of power, promises of increase, and 'other promises.'" - Jay E. Jensen, "'Remember the Promises'," Ensign, November 1992

"Hymns are 'an essential part of our church meetings. [They] invite the Spirit of the Lord.' (Hymns, ix.) They often do this quicker than anything else we may do. President J. Reuben Clark Jr. said, 'We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer.' (In Conference Report, Oct. 1936, 111.)" - Jay E. Jensen, "The Nourishing Power of Hymns," General Conference, April 2007

"Arms are tangible, and we use them to express affection and love. When I come home from the office, I am encircled in the tangible arms of my wife....

"As I have pondered how to effectively teach the Atonement to others, the phrase 'arms of safety' has been useful. When we were baptized and received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, we received two ordinances that introduce us to the arms of safety. By coming humbly and fully repentant to sacrament meeting and worthily partaking of the sacrament, we may feel those arms again and again." - Jay E. Jensen, "Arms of Safety," General Conference, October 2008

We are promised great blessings in this life also, if we will study and live the word of the Lord. Here are just a few of the blessings we may receive:

1. Power to live righteously...
2. Power to overcome evil...
3. Power to change the heart and attitude...
4. Increase in hope and joy...
5. Increase in knowledge and understanding...
6. Increase in testimony....

Jay E. Jensen, "Promises," Friend, August 1995

Since the time of Joseph Smith, revelation has come through men called as prophets to lead the Lord’s Church. The Lord has not left His servants, His Church, or His people alone. We affirm that He grants divine guidance to those He calls to administer His kingdom. - Jay E. Jensen, "The Prophet Joseph Smith, an Extraordinary Teacher," Liahona, January 2008

How incomplete and empty sacrament meetings would be without hymns of worship. Sacred among all hymns are those that capture the sacrifice and the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement.

My earliest memories of the healing power of the Savior are associated with sacrament hymns. This sentence is real to me: “I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me.” - Jay E. Jensen, "The Nourishing Power of Hymns," Ensign (CR) May 2007

Those without an eternal perspective, or those who lose sight of it, make their own standards to benefit themselves and their own selfish interests. Their mortal perspective becomes their standard and for some their god. - Jay E. Jensen, “Keep an Eternal Perspective,” Ensign (CR) May 2000

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