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"Even if you are in a hurry, stop and shake hands before going on, but do it right; have the spirit of God within you, and when you greet them say, "God bless you." I know a good old sister, who is working for her living; she would not let the Church support her, she is too proud. She is over 70 years old. She said to me that when an Apostle took her by the hand and said "God bless you" it was worth more to her than all the money they could give her." — "Conference Report," April 1899, p. 54

"My mother has told me that the last time father took a walk down Main Street, after he was stricken with paralysis, he returned with difficulty back to his home, the residence which still stands on the hill, and he said to her, 'OH, THE TEST, THE TEST, THE TEST, who will be able to stand?' Mother said, 'What is the test?' He replied, 'I don't know, but it is only those that know Jesus the Christ that can stand.'" — "Conference Report", April 1906, p. 77

"During the time of my poor health my family were very much concerned. They wanted me to go through a physical examination. Nothing in the world frightens me like a scientific examination. I went to the clinic of the Stanford University, to a young physician of some considerable renown. I passed through an examination--the X-ray, and all that stuff. This young doctor did not believe in God, man, or the devil. I found that out. I told him I was a 'Mormon.' He said, 'You will never get any better.' I said, 'O, yes, I will. I have a greater physician than you are.' He said, 'Who is he?' And I said, 'The Lord Jesus Christ.' He said, 'There's nothing in it.' He was drowned last year, and I am still alive." — "Conference Report," April 1925, p. 119

"I am very proud of my parentage. I do not think any one appreciates their parentage more than I do. But, I want to say to the Latter-day Saints, pride in parentage won't save you. If we get salvation, we must keep the commandments, and serve the Lord. Knowledge pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ does not come through ordination, nor by appointment, nor by lineage, nor through father and mother, though they are helpful. But no matter who my father and mother were, or how devoted and faithful they have been; no matter how much work they have accomplished, and how much gospel they have preached to the children of men, I tell you if Heber C. Kimball's children are saved in the kingdom they must keep the commandments of God, or they won't be saved." — "Conference Report", April 1913, p. 85

"I want to advise this people, if the Lord ever does give you an inspiration, for heaven's sake write it down and remember it. If Joseph Smith the prophet had not done that, you would never have had some things contained in the D&C." — "Conference Report", April 1927, p. 52

"Now, brethren, let us repent, if we have got any bitterness in our hearts toward each other, let us be generous, and forgiving. No man has any influence or power for good when angry. It is 'amen to the priesthood and the authority of that man when he uses unrighteous dominion,' etc. It doesn't matter who he is. When a man has the Holy Ghost his heart is full of meekness, it is full of love unfeigned. He loves the souls of the children of men and he realizes how precious they are in the sight of God." — "Conference Report", April 1909, p. 38

"My brethren and sisters, I believe in this work. I believe in the Prophet Joseph Smith. I believe in the living oracles. I honor the dead, but they are dead and performing their work behind the vale. We have the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve, and they are united, and with the help of God I want to sustain them. There are many things that I do not understand, that I cannot comprehend fully. I cannot see my way out at present; but this is God's work, and, with the help of the Lord, I want to sustain the Priesthood of God." - J. Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," October 1910, Afternoon Session., p.34

What is in the future? How far can we see ahead of us? Some of us cannot see the length of our noses, but the prophets have warned us of the danger that menaces us. We must be prepared and get our feet planted upon the ground, because we don't know, I don't know, what test is ahead of us. The gospel of Jesus Christ has had to be preached with tears and beseechings, sufferings, adversity and persecution from one generation to another. No generation accepted it because their belief in material power was so dense that they lost faith in the spiritual, We have to talk of the temporal. Temporal things have to be attended to, or we all would starve to death, but we must not place the temporal before the spiritual, for if we do, you can look out for disaster and trouble. No man can save the nation, or a people when they get the temporal first and forget the spiritual." - J. Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," April 1923, Third Day—Morning Session, p.127

"Jesus Christ in his ministry could have built up a kingdom. He could have built cities, temples, tabernacles, and ivory palaces, had armies and navies, and forcefully proclaimed himself a king, a ruler. He could have won the crowds, could have filled his time with appointments with rich and influential folk, who would have contributed to the establishment of a temporal kingdom.

"Jesus Christ taught the people a simpler way. Some of the outstanding wayside ministries of Jesus, some of the incidents which reveal Christ's methods of teaching, were his conversation with the woman at the well, his approval of Mary's lavish outpouring of the precious ointment in expression of her love, the turning of the water unto wine, the healing of Simon's wife's mother, the washing of the disciples' feet, the stilling of the storm-tossed waves.

Jesus took time to heal the sick and to bless, to talk with the heart-weary, to comfort the discouraged. His time was largely spent in kindly "wayside ministries" and it was not counted as wasted time.

We can hardly think of Jesus Christ as feeling himself interrupted by the sick and weary who at eventide crowded around the house where he tarried.
" - J. Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," April 1934, Afternoon Meeting, p.31 - 32

“I sustain President Grant. When he became President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I told him I sustained him with my full faith and confidence; and that is the best I can do. I propose to stand behind him and his counselors and the Twelve apostles. As I told an apostle once: ‘If God Almighty puts a child in the Council of the Twelve, and he will give me enough of his Spirit, I will sustain him.’ I pray the Lord to bless you. Amen.” - Jonathan Golden Kimball, “Conference Report,” October 1919, Afternoon Session, p. 205

"Now, then, we have to learn to love our fathers and mothers, and unless you learn to love your fathers and mothers and appreciate what they have done for you, then you are not grateful. If you cannot understated what God has done for you, and you cannot learn to love God, then you cannot pray to Him. I may be wrong in stating that you can't pray. You might practice until you can, but you don't feel satisfied after you have got through praying, and you don't feel like your prayers have ascended to the Father, because your prayers are not built on love and gratitude." - J. Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," April 1913, Overflow Meeting, p. 87

I remember reading a story. The incident happened during the civil war, when a large committee of Christian ministers came to Washington to wait on President Abraham Lincoln. After they had performed their duties, one of the Christian ministers turned to President Lincoln, and he said, "I hope the Lord is on our side." That is what all these nations are hoping, that the Lord is on their side. And President Lincoln said, "Well, I am not much concerned about the Lord being on our side," which was quite a shock to those ministers. "I am not concerned about that, what I am most concerned about is whether we are on the Lord's side." That is what I want you to be concerned about, you men who hold the holy priesthood; you want to remember, in this great rush and hurry, not to be too much taken up with man's business, but you want to be exercised more about "our Father's business.” -
Jonathan Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," October 1917, Second Meeting Outdoors, p. 134

May the Lord bless you. Think of God. How many of us think of God thirty minutes out of twenty-four hours? There is not one out of five hundred that actually thinks of God and his Son Jesus Christ thirty minutes a day. I do; but the first thing I know, my mind wanders off on something else. My brethren and sisters, God bless you and be with us and help this people, I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. - J. Golden Kimball, "Conference Report," April 1926, Afternoon Session, p.62

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