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"The world cannot understand why people converted to our faith should sever the ties of home and kindred, and forsake comfort and ease, to gather with this Church in a far-off land. But the inspiration which had touched our hearts, showed to us that in the land of Zion there was a work to do for our dead. We were shown that the unnumbered dead were not forgotten, and that the sealing of parent and child from generation to generation in an unbroken chain was a scheme for the salvation of the whole of our race. Many persons in this country and in the old world have wondered why, in old times, records of baptisms were kept in the churches, and why, in our own country, so many persons have devoted so much time and labor to compiling their genealogies. Those who have done this have not understood the doctrine of turning the hearts of the fathers and children to each other as we do, but they have been acted upon by an inspiration which has impelled them to perform this work." - John Henry Smith, "Baptism for the Dead," April 8, 1888

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