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We have no controversy with the world, but, as I say, we make a definite and a positive statement with reference to the fundamentals of our faith. We know that if people will obey them in their lives that they will receive the witness of the spirit that it is the power of God unto salvation. We are not afraid to make that statement. We lay down the gauntlet to the world and declare upon their obedience to the fundamentals of the gospel they shall know whether it is of God or whether we speak of ourselves. I thank the Lord for all of these blessings. I pray that his Spirit may attend us that we may have a desire always to serve him and to keep his commandments and that we may be loyal to the presiding authorities of the Church, and that when they give us counsel and advice and instruction we will reduce it to practice in our daily lives. — John M. Knight, Conference Report, October 1922, p.43

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