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“Notwithstanding all that may be said in relation to the work in the temple, you know, my brethren and sisters, that when you go to the house Of the Lord and receive the ordinances there administered, they are all calculated to make you better men and women, better fathers and mothers; and everything that is done in those houses is for salvation. The testimony of all who go there is that it makes them feel better prepared to battle with life. They become better fathers and mothers, and better citizens of the United States or of any other country. I can testify to this, and thousands that are before me, who have been through the house of the Lord could bear me out in this testimony, if called upon. There is nothing done there in any manner that has a tendency in the least to harm any individual, but everything that is done is for the best good and salvation of the people.” - John R. Winder, “Conference Report,” October 1904, First Day–Morning Session, p. 97

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