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"Some time ago a gentleman came and asked, 'Why do you believe this is the Gospel? and why are you a member of this Church?' I said, 'My answer to that is very brief: I belong to this Church, because it is the Church of Jesus Christ, and that is the reason I am here declaring its truth unto the people.' I believe that most of our young people have a knowledge of the Gospel, and have a testimony of it, but many of them are not aware of the fact. Sometimes we are dilatory and lazy; we think the Lord is going to do all for us. We go to school or to the university, and the young man or woman who wishes to progress, and receive a degree, must burn the midnight oil; and yet, to get a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ they feel that all that is necessary for them to do is to ask their Father in heaven, and, without any effort on their part, the Lord will manifest the truth unto them. I want to say that God requires that we shall seek Him earnestly, exerting the powers and faculties He has given us, and then will He impart a testimony of the truths of heaven." - Joseph A. McRae, "Conference Report," October 1907, Overflow Meeting, p. 77-78

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