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"These first principles of the Gospel, some of which were mentioned in our hearing this morning by President Smith and President Lund, have now become alive to us. They become a source of power unto us. They are all necessary, just as necessary as the waters that spring from the earth, or the rain from the clouds or the dews of heaven are necessary for the nourishment of the plants, so are these principles necessary for the nourishment and development of man's soul And indeed they have connected with them a power. They take hold of the soul of man, and cause it to grow and to develop. Faith, this mighty principle of power that we talk of, is a living fountain of power within man, and man is so organized by his Maker that he may develop this power within him, so that in time he may say, as God said in times past to the world. 'Be ye in existence, be ye framed, come into being.' He can develop himself to the extent that he can have this power, as it is given unto him through God, the Eternal Father." - Joseph B. Keeler, "Conference Report," October 1914, Afternoon Session, p.46

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