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"If we comply with it, by brethren and sisters, or my friends, if all men and women would comply with it, then they would have shed into their souls such light, and peace and joy, that the riches of the world would sink into insignificance beside it. So long as they bask in the light of the Spirit, there is nothing on earth would tempt their feet to stray in forbidden paths. Then would they know the virtue of newness of life, then would they feel the freedom that comes when men accept the truth, and their sins have been forgiven and stripped from them. Then would they realize the promise which Christ made when He said: 'This gospel is not Mine but His that sent Me; and if any man will do His will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of Myself.' When men have that assurance and testimony, they are strong in their hearts to do the bidding of God, and pity the sneer of the skeptical. They would pity those who do not see and understand, and would give all that is theirs to bring them to the knowledge of the truth; and they are rich in the possession of this truth, beyond the riches that the world can conceive or give." - Joseph E. Robinson, "Conference Report," October 1908, p.27

And that is the touch-stone of virtue with the Christian today. Does he walk by faith? Is he willing to accept the words of the witnesses of the Christ and the words of the Master, and not desire to handle and see for himself as did Thomas? For I want to tell you that when a man has to do a thing, there is no virtue in it. But when he chooses to, when he exercises faith and confidence, then there is virtue and righteousness in it. -
Joseph E. Robinson, “Conference Report,” April 1915, Outdoor Meeting, p.76

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