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“Now in our efforts to teach the word of the Lord we perhaps overlook the spirit, and we gradually begin to draw away from the language of the scriptures and give our instructions in our own language, any language which we believe will be most suitable to the understanding of the children, until now we have ceased almost wholly to memorize important passages of holy writ; and I suspect that we have gone already too far in the other direction. We are too greatly substituting or have been substituting explanations of the scriptures for the scriptures themselves; and one idea that the brethren have is that the children and also the older members in the theological class should drink from the fountain head of inspiration as it comes to us direct from holy writ, and not depart entirely from the original text for the information which we desire to impart to the children.” - Joseph M. Tanner, “Conference Report,” April 1901, Deseret Sunday School Union, p. 78

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