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"One of the peculiarities of the Latter-day Saints is their belief in Divine revelation. It has been stated in this meeting this afternoon that we are believers in the revelations of the Almighty, and that there is necessity for the word of the Lord to come unto the people in these latter times as in former ages. I sometimes wonder that there should be so much doubt in the minds of the people concerning divine revelation, when we think of the marvelous advances that are being made scientifically among the nations of the earth. It is possible now, so we are told, (while we may not comprehend the principle altogether by which this thing that I have in mind is accomplished, I suppose we have no doubt that it is being accomplished), that messages are sent through the air without any means of transmission that we can see, through the agency of what is termed wireless telegraphy." - Joseph W. McMurrin, “Conference Report,” October 1907, Second Overflow Meeting, p.97

I bear record of the truth. I know of what I speak. I did not obtain it from the teaching of father and mother, although, thank God. I had a good father and mother, who believed the, truth and who loved the truth. But when I bore record concerning the truth of this gospel, I had to obtain that knowledge in the same way that father and mother obtained it before me, by service, by giving my heart to God. There is no other way. Father and mother could not give me the testimony and knowledge, let them love it ever so dearly, let them try ever so hard, they could only point out the way in which I should walk. In that path I myself finally came to a knowledge of the truth, revealed to me by the Lord God, just as it had been revealed to my parents before me. The same thing is true today. I cannot give a knowledge of this gospel to my own sons and daughters. I can only say to them. This work is not my work, but His who has called me to minister therein. If ye will do his will and test these ordinances and principles of the gospel, you shall be brought to an understanding of the truth by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and know from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet, that God has spoken and has established this work in which we are laboring. - Joseph W. Mcmurrin., Conference Report, October 1918, Outdoor Meeting., p.109

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