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"The first thing we should teach our children is respect for all human beings. All are children of God. Man is made in the image of God. Respect for all men leads to a love for law and order. In the home is taught obedience to the loving directions of our Father in heaven, Then comes self-discipline, self-direction. Whether we are teachers of the gospel or professional men, we can and should dedicate ourselves to help our children to develop their potentialities for good, for truth, for love, for beauty, and above all, reverence for God." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," April 1955, Third Day—Morning Meeting p. 60

"I have been asked what compromises 'Mormonism' will make with the world? I reply, no compromise when it comes to the fundamental principles of religion, for they are of God, and no one has a right to compromise the eternal truths of God. They belong to Him. We have no right to say we will compromise with man. So I pray that we may hold up these eternal truths. There is no compromise in God's principles and holy laws. There can't be, they are of God; and we have seen the 'gleam,' and we must follow the 'gleam' according to the will of God for all His children." - Elder Levi Edgar Young, Conference Report, April 1922, Closing Session, p.155

"In this day of mad rush and strife; when noise and glitter influence the human mind; this mighty rushing to and fro; this clash of many strifes; this feverish hastening towards some unknown goal; Jesus Christ gives the intelligible answer in revealing the infinite possibilities of the human soul. The leaven of his doctrine is ever working in the social body of which we are part, and his influence leads the van in every forward movement for the welfare of mankind. It is a plain fact of history that the influence of Jesus Christ upon the world has opened up vast tracks of spiritual opportunity of which the wisest men have never dreamed. He has uplifted and enriched the common life; he has filled the soul with immortal hope. He has brought peace to the desolate heart; he has made the quest for truth a divine adventure. He has made known the abiding joy of service for others; and most of all he has justified the upward reach of man, as he struggles from lower to higher things, which shows that Christ brings life and light into the hearts of men." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," April 1930, Afternoon Meeting, p.158

"What we term missionary work is not limited to personal effort. Nations are missionaries. Our mission today is to act. We must advance the cause of the restored gospel by our onward march to greater accomplishments. No one can measure the years to come. To be alive and increasing, to be young and awake, this is the order of the future. The heroes and divinities of the past have their own place. but we have our leaders today. There is perspective in prophecy. A prophet of old declared: 'Your young men shall see visions. Your sons and daughters shall prophecy.' Today it is superbly true. If there was ever a time that the world needs vision, it is today." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," October 1948, Afternoon Meeting, p.97

"Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon shows God at work in the life of the human race. Its supreme revelation is of the human heart, and life touched by the Spirit of God. Its power and value is this, and it is from beginning to end a book of life. It becomes in this light, colorful, gripping, vivid, laying its hold on our imaginations and our souls. It inspires, it lifts our minds to God, and herein is its power." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," October 1928, Third Day—Morning Meeting, p.106

“Man needs a long vision in life that he may fulfill a pattern of eternal progression and salvation although the strains and tenseness of daily living favor short sight. Perhaps both are necessary, but the one should not crowd out the other more realistic and basic one. The man who is trying earnestly and with all his strength to catch sight of the vision of a better world, and to incorporate what he can see in the life of himself and his society, helps us to do what we could not do without his help. We can raise ourselves on the shoulders of those who have walked on higher levels. There is a profound wisdom in the saying, ‘Let us now praise famous men.’ This is what is meant by the warning of the prophets, ‘Lift up your hearts.’ Learn of the greatness and goodness of prophets and leaders in trying to follow their teachings.” - Levi Edgar Young, “Conference Report,” April 1952, Second Day—Morning Meeting, p. 54

"In the day when the Prophet Joseph Smith lived, the divisions of Christendom were seen. His going into the woods to pray was a divine act, for through the deep faith of the boy, God spoke to him. We all know the story. God reestablished his Church, the priesthood of God was restored by John the Baptist, and Peter, James, and John. They came again to earth as resurrected beings. Thus Joseph Smith came to understand the supreme test of religion -- revelation. Religion as a purely human product, valuable at it is to human life and progress, has not the inner vigor to retain a place of commanding power. Religion requires revelation. 'The completest carrier of revelation can be no other, or less, than a chosen personality.' This was the Christian conception in the beginning. So we have the restored gospel today. The Church has its priesthood with its Apostles, seventies, and all the other offices in the Holy Priesthood of God." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," April 1950, p. 65

"When God placed man in the Garden of Eden, and man was shown his destiny, the Creator planted within his soul the power to look up and to find his Maker through the power of faith. This gave man a splendor of spirit, which is the greatest power of all; because only by the spirit can absolute truth be known. This gift of faith places man in an enviable position for the exercise of his mental powers. Throughout all the ages, man has felt the still small voice of the Almighty in his daily life. Our lives must needs be deeply penetrated with a sense of the infinite God; and this infinite, true, and living God can only be known by our approach to him in the humility of our powers. We must again learn to worship and to glorify." - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," October 1932, Second Day—Morning Meeting, p. 58

We have been told to purify ourselves, to come closer to the perfect ideal which Jesus our Redeemer taught. The path is straight before us. We must love God; we must love our neighbor; we must do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Our attention has been called to the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord's Prayer, the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. We must have faith in mankind, and the divinity of man should be made known to our children. We must be more determined than ever to fulfil the great task expected of us, to make ourselves better, to make this a better world to live in, and to bring mankind nearer to God. We have been taught that our salvation and the salvation of all mankind is found in the true and everlasting gospel. - Levi Edgar Young, Conference Report, October 1956, Afternoon Meeting, p.119

There are three distinct things needed in the world today as forces to spiritualize humanity. First, a revival and adherence to the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai; the second is a renewal of faith in God the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ; and the third a divine knowledge that in this day and age of the world the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been restored by revelation. The priesthood, sacred in its gift, divine in its influence, and spiritual in its character, has been given to man directly by the power of God. These are the three great truths that must be taught to the human race. - Levi Edgar Young, Conference Report, October 1927, Afternoon Meeting, p.77

What the youth need today is to be stirred to a knowledge of God; to understand that the sublimest thing of all life is the simple faith in God the Father, in his Son Jess Christ, and in the Holy Ghost—the greatest truth for you and me and yet the simplest. This is fundamental, and if the youth can only get to see that after all, civilization has always been based on religion and always will be, and that the religion of God comes from one great fundamental source, namely revelation—God is understood through knowledge, God is known through revelation; and those two great principles, if they are known and can be seen and understood, the faith of the youth then will grow and they will always know that after all, morality, the richness of life, the sublimity of all things, lie in the simple Gospel of Christ. It is beautiful this Gospel, for truth is beauty, and beauty is truth. - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," April 1932, Afternoon Meeting, p. 77

My brethren and sisters, it is religion that must solve the problems of our civilization today, and if we do not go back to God and the religion of the Master, our western civilization is destined to be destroyed. Religion at its best has supplied, and it can now supply, "the motives, faiths, insights, hopes, convictions, by which men inwardly come to terms with themselves and with their fellow men." We must come to a new spiritual ascendency over our baser selves. To achieve peace in this world of ours, this will have to be done. - Levi Edgar Young, "Conference Report," October 1936, Second Day-Morning Meeting, p.67

Read the Bible to get not only great truths of living but also great feeling and enlarged vision. Read it to get the depths of life. Make it your companion through life so that you may not live only on the surface, but on permanent effect. Do likewise with the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Religion is the greatest instrument for raising us to the best of the highest life. - Levi Edgar Young, “Conference Report,” April 1952, Second Day-Morning Meeting, p.54

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