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"God, as our Heavenly Father and the Perfect Steward, is ready and waiting to guide us, as believers. When we trust Him enough to hear the quiet whisperings of our own hearts and minds (to believe in the dreams and aspirations that are uniquely ours), we begin to realize the unlimited possibilities that are ours to behold. We believe to see, and we no longer need to see that we might believe." - Lloyd D. Newell, "The Divine Connection: Understanding Your Inherent Worth," p.66

"There is an inherent resilience deeply rooted in each of our spirits that can help us make a comeback—a slow, painful one, perhaps not always of our own choosing—but a comeback still the same. Indeed, resilience is the special gift of all living things—the force that makes plants seek the sun after a damaging storm. It is as though the psalmist's words are written on our souls: 'Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.'" - Lloyd D. Newell, "May Peace Be with You," p.10

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