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"It was not enough for him to know about our infirmities; he had to experience them personally in order that he could reach us in every extremity. There is no place so remote, no condition so dark and despairing, no feeling so helpless, no hurt so deep that the Savior has not already been there and borne those burdens for us. Only in this way could he then succor us--which, as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has pointed out, literally means 'to run to' ('Come unto Me,' Ensign, April 1998, p. 22). It is comforting to me to think that when I am in most desperate need of help from the Savior, not only will he be there to help, but he will 'run to me' to do so. What compassion! What humility! What overwhelming love and support for every one of us!" — L. Robert Webb, "Vast and Intimate: The Atonement in the Heavens and in the Heart," BYU Speeches of the Year, 16 November 1998

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