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"I thank God, my brothers and sisters and friends, that I was reared in a good home. I thank God that in that home I was taught that it was more important to be moral than to be careful, that I was taught from the days of my youth to honor the priesthood of Almighty God. I was frequently told, as were the rest of the members of my father's family, by our father, that if there ever came a time or an occasion to choose between loyalty to him and loyalty to the priesthood of God, always choose loyalty to the priesthood of God. I thank God that such an occasion never arose." - Matthew Cowley, "Conference Report," October 1945, Afternoon Meeting, p.50

"And so we approach the Christmas season when we think about the simple life of the Master and how he came to the sinners, not to the righteous. Let us remember that we are our brothers' keepers and that we do have great problems, and that there are ways of reaching the hearts of those that need us. Maybe I'm not the right one to do it, but if I'm not the right one, somewhere there is someone who can touch the lives of these men." - Matthew Cowley, "Matthew Cowley Speaks," p.155

“Now, there is one thing I have learned, and it has been a wonderful thing for me as a religionist in my present position. I've learned from these men that there isn't a man living who isn't greater than his sins, who isn't greater than his weaknesses. That's a wonderful thing to know. It is a wonderful thing to know that even though a man may sink so low that he is at the bottom of the gutter, yet within him there is a greatness that can regenerate him if he will submit himself to the right influences and to the power above and beyond himself.” - Matthew Cowley, “Matthew Cowley Speaks,” p. 219

Now this is the point I want to bring out, brothers and sisters: When we come into our chapels, not stables, but chapels such as this, with beautiful appointments—clean—we come before the sacrament board, not of the Babe of Bethlehem, but before Christ, and all of his consummate glory and divinity—King of kings, and Lord of lords—the Savior of mankind. What I would like to impress upon you at this time is the necessity of coming before the sacrament board actuated by a spirit of worship. Do not come into your beautiful chapel to partake of the sacrament and renew your covenants without a spirit of worship in your hearts because when a deacon who holds the priesthood of God brings you the emblems of the sacrament table, he is bringing you the Christ. "This do in remembrance of me." (Luke 22:19.) -
"Matthew Cowley," Matthew Cowley Speaks, p.99

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