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"It is most remarkable to witness one who is deaf made to hear again. But surely that great blessing is no more startling than the wondrous combination of bones and skin and nerves that lets our ears receive the beautiful world of sound. Should we not stand in awe of the blessing of hearing and give glory to God for that miracle, even as we do when hearing is restored after it has been lost?

"Is it not the same for the return of ones sight or the utterance of our speech, or even that greatest miracle of all—the restoration of life? The original creations of the Father constitute a truly wonder-filled world. Are not the greatest miracles the fact that we have life and limb and sight and speech in the first place? Yes, there will always be plenty of miracles if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

"Just one other reminder. Once we start to recognize the many miraculous and blessed manifestations of God and Christ in our lives—the everyday variety as well as restored sight to the blind and restored hearing to the deaf—we may be truly bewildered at the unexplainable principles and processes that bring about such wonders." - Howard W. Hunter, "The God That Doest Wonders," Ensign (CR), May 1989, p.15

"Wondering or skeptical people often ask, Why are there not the spiritual manifestations today, including healings, as in the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the days of the Savior?

"The answer is clear: There are infinitely more healings today than in any age, and they are just as wondrous. The religious history of the Savior's ministry and the period following is written in a few short chapters; as John said, 'There are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.' (John 21:25.)

"As the history of the years was condensed, it would be expected that only the most spectacular of the healings would be chronicled, giving the impression that all miracles were spectacular ones and that all who asked were healed. Little mention is made of the possibly numerous times in Christ's and the later apostles' ministries when the blessings were not so outstanding, when a headache was stopped, when a recovery was greatly speeded up, or when agonies were relieved. Today the libraries would bulge their walls if all the miracles of our own time were recorded." - Spencer W. Kimball, "President Kimball Speaks Out," p.77-78

“My brethren of the priesthood, the task is ours. Let us remember and never forget, however, that such an undertaking is not insurmountable. Miracles are everywhere to be seen when priesthood callings are magnified. When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes. We are on the Lord's errand. We are entitled to the Lord's help. But we must try. From the play Shenandoah comes the spoken line which inspires: ‘If we don't try, then we don't do; and if we don't do, then why are we here?’” - Thomas S. Monson, “Anxiously Engaged,” Ensign (CR), November 2004, p. 56

I delight in the Lord's mercies and miracles (see "Bless Our Fast, We Pray," Hymns, no. 138). I know that His tender mercies and His miracles, large and small, are real. They come in His way and on His timetable. Sometimes it is not until we have reached our extremity. Jesus's disciples on the Sea of Galilee had to toil in rowing against a contrary wind all through the night before Jesus finally came to their aid. He did not come until the "fourth watch," meaning near dawn. Yet He did come. (See Mark 6:45-51.) My testimony is that miracles do come, though sometimes not until the fourth watch. - Susan W.Tanner, "My Soul Delighteth in the Things of the Lord," Ensign (CR) April 2008

Miracles are everywhere to be found when the priesthood is understood, its power is honored and used properly, and faith is exerted. When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposes. - Thomas S. Monson, "Willing and Worthy to Serve," Ensign (CR) May 2012

Brothers and sisters, seeing and believing the Lord’s miracles in establishing His kingdom on earth can help us see and believe that the Lord’s hand is at work in our own lives as well. - Neil L. Andersen, “Thy Kingdom Come,” Ensign (CR) April 2015

We have much in common with those faithful men and women in the meridian of time. We too live in a time when the Lord Jesus Christ works miracles among us—including healing the sick, cleansing us from sin, changing our hearts, and opening salvation to God’s children on both sides of the veil. In our time we also have living prophets and apostles, priesthood power, spiritual gifts, and the supernal blessings of the ordinances of salvation. - Kim B. Clark, “Eyes to See and Ears to Hear,” Ensign (CR) November 2015

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