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"I am reading now the New Testament, and I am practicing as best I can the very thing that I am trying to give you, and I am sure it will be helpful to you. And so I suggest that you read every day fifteen to thirty minutes on some gospel theme. Get the habit, it will help you wonderfully; it will color the whole day. Your meditations will be upon the glorious things of our Heavenly Father. Then when the hour comes, and you ask for the inspiration of God, the Holy Ghost will quicken your memory, and the beautiful things from your reading will come to you and help and bless you." - Oscar A. Kirkham, "Conference Report," October 1944, Evening Meeting, p. 101

I want a safe, continuous tie, an anchorage in the hour of need. I want help that I might have greater faith, to connect life with eternity; to practice a real brotherhood of man; an opportunity where I can truly repent, feel forgiveness, and make high resolve. To enjoy and feel the strength of prayer. To know God's will, and live in harmony with it. - Oscar A. Kirkham, "Conference Report," April 1946, Second Day—Morning Meeting, p. 57

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