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"There is a lot of difference in being knowledgeable of a fact and having faith and an understanding of it. I believe there are many people in this world who say, 'I know that Jesus is the Christ.' Well, bless your souls, the devils know that too, and they tremble. But the person who really knows it, is the person who lives it and then drinks from the fountain of righteousness to his soul the great power that makes a man turn and change his life. You see, when Peter knew by sight that He was the Christ, or by revelation, as he stood warming his hands by the fire when the maid came to him and said, 'Thou art one of them; thou art one of the Galileans,' he answered, 'I know him not.' (See Matt. 22:56-57.) But that same Peter, when he had become converted to the fact, stood and said, 'Ye men of Galilee and all who dwell herein have taken the holy One of God and with wicked hands have cruelly crucified him.' Then when those same people came to him and said, 'We command you not to speak,' he did not fear and tremble by the fire and say, 'Oh, I'm sorry I even said the words. I'll go some place else.' Then, because of conversion by the Spirit, he said, 'Is it better to obey man than God?' and he went on teaching them what he knew in his heart-not what he had a mental assent to, but something that he really knew. This is the power of life-something we really know." - Paul F. Royall, "A Sure Foundation," December 17, 1963, "BYU Speeches of the Year," 1963:1

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