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"Revelation is not enjoyed by the members of the Church, only. The Constitution of the United States was revealed from God; and I cannot help but think if the people of the world would study the source of great discoveries made for the betterment of the children of men, in the sciences and in the arts, they would at once admit there was some power greater than man that had brought them about. The wireless telegraphy is a marvel and a wonder; as well as the telephone, by which the human voice is now carried from ocean to ocean. These inventions did not come about through man's wisdom alone. The development of electricity and the transmission of thousands of horsepower over a small copper wire, for hundreds of miles away from where the power is generated, have been made possible through inspiration from our Heavenly Father. We need not be told, my brethren and sisters, that the men who have made these great discoveries did not receive inspiration from a greater source than their own brain. If a man places himself in a position to receive revelation or inspiration from God, seeks it diligently and honestly, it is often granted him, particularly if his heart and soul are in attune with God's purposes." - Reed Smoot, "Conference Report," April 1915, Second Day—Morning Session, p.90

"When we look at the marvelous growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and read the prophecies of the Prophet of God who was chosen to open this last dispensation, it seems to me that it leaves no room to doubt that the hand of God has been over this people from the day the Church was organized up to the present time. It is true that we have been tried and tempted; it is true we have been persecuted, and all manner of falsehoods have been circulated against us, and retailed and wholesaled the world over; but let me say to you, be faithful to the God that has watched over this people and to His commandments, and just as sure as we have increased to what we are today, just so sure will the little stone that was cut out of the mountain without hands roll forth and fill the whole earth, as the Prophet of God foretold. The time is not far distant when men and women from among this people will be wanted all over the world. I want to testify to you today that this people, who have been chosen of God, will yet teach the world the way of life, and the only way to get back into the presence of God. The world may not believe it, and they may hold out against it as long as it is possible; but the word has been spoken that this people, governed by the revelations of the Almighty, shall yet be a light unto the world and teach them the way back unto eternal life." - Reed Smoot, "Conference Report," April 1902, Afternoon Session, p.24 - 25

"Get into the habit of being happy. I tell you can do it. You can say to yourself when you are awakened in the morning, 'Everything is all right,' and keep on saying it. You will be surprised to find how nearly all right the mere saying of it at the beginning of the day will really make everything right after all. This is true in business as well as in the home. Prophets of gloom are never popular, and ought not to be." - Reed Smoot, "Conference Report," October 1938, Afternoon Meeting, p.123

Those of us who have aligned ourselves sincerely with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have made choice of the good, and have become messengers of salvation in ourselves and to others. We have become followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. As such followers, integrity of word and deed should be the cornerstone of our efforts. - Reed Smoot, "Conference Report," April 1934, Afternoon Meeting, p. 36

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