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"This world is astray, so far as religion is concerned, and if it had not been for the revelations of the Father to Joseph the prophet, there never could have been any present salvation for the children of men, for man may worship God with all sincerity, believing that he is doing the right thing, but if he is worshiping in a way that is not ordained of the Lord, he can not receive the blessings of a glorified exaltation in the presence of that God who gave us life. There is one way only by which men may be saved and that is through obedience to law, and that obedience must be rendered by every man and every woman in the earth, or who has lived in the earth, or who will yet come to the earth, for salvation is predicated on obedience to the principle and ordinance of repentance and baptism." - Samuel O. Bennion, "Conference Report," April 1923, Third Day—Morning Session p. 105-106

"I think things do not happen by chance. I think they happen by appointment, under the plans of God. I think he governs and rules, and that he whispers to those who will listen to him. And to those who listen to him, and respond, he confides his Holy Spirit, and he gives them a power and a strength that is not of man, but comes from Him." - Samuel O. Bennion, "Conference Report," April 1938, Afternoon Meeting, p.60

"In every neighborhood and community there is a demand for leadership and faith to dispel perplexity and implant a firmness of purpose which all men need in these troublesome times. An outstanding figure in every circle has the power to influence his associates, and if that individual has a true conception of leadership, he may become a blessing—not only to his immediate circle, but to his community, his Church, his state and nation." - Samuel O. Bennion, "Conference Report," April 1939, First Day—Morning Meeting, p.28

“I believe that men and women ought to prepare themselves—that they ought to know something about the gospel of Christ, and why they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or ‘Mormons,’ as we are commonly called in the world, we ought to take advantage of opportunities that are offered us from time to time to learn more of the gospel and to become acquainted with the truths contained therein. It is just as necessary for us to learn the words of life that will bring us spiritual glory and exaltation as it is to labor hard for temporal things. We need the temporal things of life as taught in this Church, but we ought not to let the spiritual side of life go undeveloped. I believe that men and women can be led and are led too much into the ways of money-making and accumulating of means, to the expense, often, of their own spiritual welfare.” - Samuel O. Bennion, “Conference Report,” April 1918, Second Day—Morning Session, p. 43

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