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"God loves us; the devil hates us.  God wants us to have a fulness of joy as He has.  The devil wants us to be miserable as he is.  God gives us commandments to bless us.  The devil would have us break these commandments to curse us."
- President Ezra Taft Benson, "The Great Commandment--Love the Lord," General Conference, April 1988

"The devil is strongly against man's repenting and preparing himself for the kingdom of heaven. The devil's mission and goal is to destroy man's potential godliness and his preparation to be again with his Heavenly Father. Repentance will stop the devil and keep him from entering the hearts of men."- Elder Bernard P. Brockbank, "The Divine Power Of Repentance," General Conference, October 1974

"To complicate the lives of true prophets, there have been false prophets along the way helping the adversary to fill his role as spoiler and enemy of truth--often using half truths as the most effective weapon. Jeremiah had his Hananiah. In our day, Brigham Young had James Strang, also several others, attempting to cloud the issues of truth and right. The great common denominator of false prophets seems to be their obsession to tear down and destroy, with practically no effort to give hope or enlightenment. This has been so evident during the past couple of years."-
Elder Robert L. Simpson, "We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet," "BYU Speeches of the Year," 24 June 1986

"It would be a victory for the adversary if he could induce the Latter-day Saints to forget their high calling, and come down to the standard of their fellow men in the world; the enemy of righteousness would then have accomplished his purpose. It is his design to impede the progress of this work. He cannot do it, as far as the majority of this people are concerned.  I feel sure it is impossible for him to overcome the high authorities of the "Mormon" Church, because of the purity of their lives and the devotion that they manifest to this work of the Almighty. I believe it is not possible for the adversary to come into this congregation, nor any other congregation of the Latter-day Saints, and successfully combat this work.  That is not his plan of operation; his plan is to influence the individual members of the Church, some of us with discontent, some with fault finding, some with a failure to pay tithing, some with neglect of one duty and some with another, until we lose the spirit of the work and forget our high calling and destiny."- Elder William T. Jack, General Conference, October 1911

"With skill, hatred, and cunning, Satan pursues his goal. It is the opposite of the purpose of our Heavenly Father and the Savior. They would give us perfect union and eternal happiness. Satan, their enemy and ours, has known the plan of salvation from before the Creation. He knows that only in eternal life can those sacred, joyful associations of families endure. Satan would tear us from loved ones and make us miserable. And it is he who plants the seeds of discord in human hearts in the hope that we might be divided and separate."- Elder Henry B. Eyring, "That We May Be One," General Conference, April 1998

"We need not become paralyzed with fear of Satan's power. He can have no power over us unless we permit it. He is really a coward, and if we stand firm, he will retreat. The Apostle James counseled: 'Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.' (
James 4:7 .) And Nephi states that 'he hath no power over the hearts' of people who are righteous. ( 1 Ne. 22:26 .)" - James E. Faust, " Serving the Lord and Resisting the Devil ," Ensign, Sept. 1995, p. 6

"The evil one has attempted on many occasions in all dispensations to put out of existence, if you will, many of God's children. Sometimes he, himself, has assumed the deluder's role. Other times he has worked through those who have stepped to his side of the line. For instance, in the Book of Mormon, we read of three anti-Christs. Each was deceived, each preached against those who believed in Christ, and each sought openly to destroy the church of God. Their patterns of deceit were similar. They taught false doctrines, spread lies, referred to prophecies as foolish traditions, accused Church leaders of perverting the right way of God, and baited the people by referring to their faith as a foolish and vain hope. (See
Jacob 7 ; Alma 1 ; and Alma 30 .)" - Carlos E. Asay, " Opposition to the Work of God ," Ensign, November 1981, p. 67

"The general acceptance of Satan's declaration, 'I am no devil, for there is none' (
2 Ne. 28:22 ), accounts in large measure for the decadence in our deteriorating society." - Marion G. Romney, " Satan-The Great Deceiver ," Ensign, June 1971, p. 36

"A successful baseball pitcher is able to hurl the ball with velocity and accuracy. His pitches are disguised in order to deceive the batter. A pitcher, by changing his grip on the ball or the way he releases it from his hand, makes the ball curve, slide, drop, wobble, or slow down as it approaches the batter. In baseball, good pitchers, like Nolan Ryan, are masters at deceiving batters.

"In life, he who is the greatest deceiver of all has tremendous influence. He has many names but is best known as Satan, or the devil. And he knows that 'ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood.' (
1 Pet. 2:9 .)

"Make no mistake about it, my young brethren, Satan is the commander in chief of deception. He is not satisfied with just taking prisoners; he wants the souls of men. One of his insidious strategies is to progressively soften our senses regarding what is right and wrong. Satan would have us convinced it is fashionable to lie and cheat. He encourages us to view pornography by suggesting that it prepares us for the real world. He would have us believe immorality is an attractive way of life and that obedience to the commandments of our Father in Heaven is old-fashioned. Satan constantly bombards us with deceptive propaganda desirably packaged and carefully disguised. Satan creates false heroes which, if emulated, will lead us to the depths of sin." - H. David Burton, "
Heroes," Ensign, May 1993, 46

"If we don't have a clear sense of our identity and purpose, we are much more vulnerable to Lucifer. He of course knows this and accordingly attempts to blur our vision. He lies. He shades and obliterates truth. He makes evil look good and good look unenlightened and unsophisticated. Make no mistake about it: Lucifer will do anything to derail, disappoint, dishearten, discourage, and deceive us—and particularly those who have made and are seeking to keep sacred covenants. His motives are entirely self-centered, selfish, destructive, and evil." - Sheri L. Dew, "No Doubt About It"

“We don’t always know the details of our future. We do not know what lies ahead. We live in a time of uncertainty. We are surrounded by challenges on all sides. Occasionally discouragement may sneak into our day; frustration may invite itself into our thinking; doubt might enter about the value of our work. In these dark moments Satan whispers in our ears that we will never be able to succeed, that the price isn’t worth the effort, and that our small part will never make a difference. He, the father of all lies, will try to prevent us from seeing the end from the beginning.” - Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “See the End from the Beginning,” CR, April 2006

"By and large, the men and women of this Church are bright and capable. But none of us is that smart. None of us is resilient enough to tango with the adversary. We can never match his cunning or his talent for deception and diversion. He will outsmart, outmaneuver, and outlast us every time we willingly consent to a duel. Lucifer is like the ultimate carnival barker: 'Step right up. Come on in. Don't miss the greatest show on earth.' But as soon as he has you inside his tent, he will leave you to twist in agony and isolation and darkness." - Sheri L. Dew, "No Doubt About It"

As has always been true, there is an opposing power. It is the power of sin, and it is visibly accelerating. I will not try to bring examples to your minds. The media and what you see in the lives of those around you present you with tragedy enough. And even in your experience, you surely must sense the ominous increase of toleration and even encouragement of the powers of sin to corrupt and torment.

The Master not only foresees perfectly the growing power of the opposing forces but also knows what it is like to be mortal. He knows what it is like to have the cares of life press upon us. He knows that we are to eat bread by the sweat of our brows and of the cares, concerns, and even sorrows that come from the command to bring children to the earth. And He knows that the trials we face and our human powers to deal with them ebb and flow. - Henry B. Eyring, "Remembering Him Always," Liahona, December 2005

Who is it that whispers so subtly in our ear that a gift given to another somehow diminishes the blessings we have received? Who makes us feel that if God is smiling on another, then He surely must somehow be frowning on us? You and I both know who does this—it is the father of all lies.  It is Lucifer, our common enemy, whose cry down through the corridors of time is always and to everyone, “Give me thine honor.” - Jeffrey R. Holland, "The Other Prodigal," Liahona, July 2002

No one is immune from Satan’s influence and temptations. Do not be so proud to think that you are beyond the adversary’s influence. Be watchful that you do not fall prey to his deceptions. Stay close to the Lord through daily scripture study and daily prayer. We cannot afford to sit back and take our salvation for granted. We must be anxiously engaged our whole lives. - Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Press On," Ensign (CR) November 2004

Satan can influence us only if we let him. Each time we resist evil, the Lord blesses us with more strength to resist. When I do something I shouldn’t, I don’t like the way I feel. But the first time I say in my mind or by what I do, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” I feel a surge of strength and power to resist. It is the Holy Ghost helping me. It’s a wonderfully secure feeling. Resisting Satan is the appetizer at the banquet table of the Lord. It prepares us for more of the life-giving sustenance the Lord has for us. - Michaelene P. Grassli, "Follow Him," Ensign (CR) November 1989

This is a day when the adversary has launched an all-out attack against womanhood, because he knows—he absolutely knows—that the influence of a righteous woman is enormous and that it spans generations. He would have us be disinterested in marriage and motherhood, confused by the world’s view of men and women, too harried by the pace of life to really live the gospel and to let it penetrate our souls. At all costs, he wants to keep us at arm’s length from Jesus Christ. For if we don’t come unto Christ, meaning that we never turn our lives over to Him, we will go through our probation here on our own rather than experiencing what the Savior promised when He said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). - Sheri L. Dew, “Are You the Woman I Think You Are?” Ensign (CR) November 1997

In this world of illusions, Satan sows selfishness, unbelief, fear, doubt, greed, spiritual instability, and a general concern for self into men’s hearts. He is a master builder of spiritual detours to waste time, divert attention from that which is good, and diminish spiritual receptivity. Satan especially desires to deceive the Latter-day Saints, those who know the truth about him, those who can particularly influence others in their teaching and living of the gospel in the home, in the classroom, from the pulpit, and in the world. In these days of increasing deception, and more to come, one must be aware of Satan’s spiritual snares and be sure of his own discernment. - Gene R. Cook, “Spiritual Guides for Teachers of Righteousness,” Ensign (CR) May 1982

The adversary presents his principles and arguments in the most approved style, and in the most winning tone, attended with the most graceful attitudes; and he is very careful to ingratiate himself into the favor of the powerful and influential of mankind, uniting himself with popular parties, floating into offices of trust and emolument by pandering to popular feeling, though it should seriously wrong and oppress the innocent. - Brigham Young, "Discourses of Brigham Young," selected and arranged by John A. Widtsoe, p.69

While Satan is determined to destroy us, the Savior says: “… this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39.)

He gave his life so that all mankind might enjoy immortality; and through his gospel and the teachings of the prophets, both ancient and modern, we are given a clear understanding of the purpose of life and how to distinguish right from wrong, with promises of salvation and exaltation to all who keep the commandments. But remember that Satan has committed himself to destroy mankind and is continually at work to accomplish this one thing. -
N. Eldon Tanner, “Thou Mayest Choose for Thyself,” Ensign (CR) May 1973

I think we will witness increasing evidence of Satan’s power as the kingdom of God grows stronger. I believe Satan’s ever-expanding efforts are some proof of the truthfulness of this work. In the future the opposition will be both more subtle and more open. It will be masked in greater sophistication and cunning, but it will also be more blatant. We will need greater spirituality to perceive all of the forms of evil and greater strength to resist it. But the disappointments and setbacks to the work of God will be temporary, for the work will go forward (see D&C 65:2). - James E. Faust, “The Great Imitator,” Ensign (CR) November 1987

The scriptures warn that the devil will make war with the Saints of God, but he never can and he never will overcome them. He will attack them with all the wicked devices his pornographic mind can devise, but he never will stop God’s work.

This is not a war for territory or wealth; it is a contest for the eternal souls of men and women, boys and girls, the literal offspring of God, our Heavenly Father.

Our forces are strong. We have had many glorious victories and will yet have more. Our task is to save all who will listen. - Mark E. Petersen, “Where Do We Stand?” Ensign (CR) April 1980

There are those who would draw you off course and cause you to waste time and energies. Satan used a diversion ploy when he tempted Christ in the wilderness. The Savior's decisive response, "Get thee hence, Satan" (Matt. 4:10), is a proper example for all of us. - Carlos E. Asay, "Opposition to the Work of God," Ensign (CR), November 1981, p.67

And we need to remember that it is not the Holy Ghost that tells us we’re so far gone that we might as well give up. – Dale G. Renlund, “Latter-day Saints Keep on Trying,” Ensign (CR) May 2015

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